Stockholm based, Melbourne raised Vilde releases his new album

Fidget At The Podium

Vilde is the Stockholm based project of Thomas Savage. Birthed in 2016, Thomas’ goal was to release one album per year for the indefinite future. This began with the highly eclectic Study/Dance in 2017, followed by the Frankenstein that was Thud in 2018. This year brings the project into its 3rd year & thus 3rd album.
The recording & writing process began in Stockholm, with bandmate Jesper Hättander laying down some drums. Thomas then spent 3 months in Düsseldorf continuously writing &
working on the existing core of the album before finally relocating to Melbourne where he completed the record.

Vilde - Sardines

On the topic of production Thomas comments:

 “I wanted to expand the instrumentation and dynamic a little with this
album. So it was great bringing in Flute, Saxophone & the beautiful

voices of various friends to the recordings.

I’ve had quite a solo process for so long now, It’s become quite exhilarating to collaborate with other musicians. I think I’ll aim for more of that in

the future.”

Vilde - Oh What A Mess You've Got Yourselves Into

Thomas writes of the theme,

"Last week somebody asked me how I was, then looked away before I could answer. Which is always a little disappointing of course. I think it’s largely about emotions and making sure to communicate with them, which helps one acknowledge cultural & social conditionings in their character.

I think the purpose of music is to cut into that emotional core, consider various angles, however outlandish, free of the constraints of social


It won’t be utopia but it’ll be a welcome direction from here. Primarily I’m doing music for myself, and I guess the point of releasing this album is

that if a listener gains a fraction of that gut-to-fruition emotion that

I do in making it, it’ll mean something to them, I hope."



30 / 8 - Sebright Arms, London
31 / 8 Hope And Ruin, Brighton



Vilde – Fidget At The Podium

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