Tyra Jutai shares debut single "Still Good"

Tyra Jutai is a Toronto-born singer, performer, songwriter, and producer who has recently moved back to her hometown, establishing herself as the quirky queen of the alternative music scene.

Tyra connects with her audience in a deeply personal way. She loves to draw you into

her divine little empire, with cinematic beats and bold storytelling. Her music is a full-body experience that will evoke images in your head - as though you were at the movies.

In her song, she dares you to reconsider what you thought you knew. 

Being uprooted from having moved cities extensively growing up, and travelling abroad,

has left its mark on her music and writing style. Her songs tell stories of intimacy, yearning for

the infinite, travel, spirituality, love and it’s lessons. Her voice is singular, and her tone

is tenacious. 

Tyra chooses to express her story by any means necessary - through costume, photography, video, and the music itself. For Tyra, creating in multiple forms is essential to her creative process and to her role as an artist in her community.



TYRA - "Still Good"

Tyra - Still Good

Listen here


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