Denmark's prog trio The Sleeplings share gloomy & cinematic new single "Four Hens Down".

“Four Hens Down”, The Sleeplings’ new single, is about meeting the darkness of loneliness when taking over large house after a divorce. It’s safe to say that said house was the main inspiration behind the single's unique, sensuous and haunted atmosphere - in fact, Jesper’s place is 

actually built on a 500 year old graveyard.


And in parallel to this, there is a true story of a former mistress whose chickens time and again are slaughtered by the fox. Funnily enough, it’s the lady fox furiously killing all the chickens, never settling only for what she can eat. 

When it comes to the lyrics on “Four Hens Down”, one can observe an abstract and fragmented imagery of reality that reflects a sleep-like atmosphere. It is a recurring theme in The Sleeplings’
music, and something that also inspired the band name.

The Sleeplings are a Danish prog-rock trio whose sound is as vibrant as it is dark, as introverted as it is uncompromised. Taking inspiration from southern gothic and early 1900s impressionism, their art it a blend of bittersweet indie-folk spirit and atmospheric, decisive rock structures.

The band officially debuted in 2017 with their critically acclaimed album

Elusive Lights of the Long-Forgotten. With Steen Lauridsen on drums,

Peter Just on piano and Jesper Kragh as the frontman on vocals and

guitar, their debut full-length has proven to be a delight even for the

most demanding listeners and critics.


Having received a wonderful five star rating from GAFFA, one of Denmark’s biggest music magazines, it was widely recognised by local and international media.

Undoubtedly, The Sleeplings are far from being amateurs in what they do thanks to their carefully curated eerie and romantic compositions; luckily, they are here to stay. And “Four Hens Down”, despite being loaded with emotions and having so much to offer as a standalone single, is

just the beginning of this Danish band’s new and exciting chapter which will soon lead to

more releases from this Aarhus-based trio.



The Sleeplings - Four Hens Down

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