The Drums unveil a new single, the melancholic "Try".

"This song was originally scheduled for release in 2014, but I did not think it was good enough to be released," said Jonny Pierce of The Drums.

"It was only after we re-recorded it with haunting violins that the song seemed pretty good for us. It's a song about loving someone with your whole being, but not receiving anything in return. "

Last April, The Drums released its critically acclaimed fifth album, Brutalism, following Abysmal Thoughts, which marked the band's first release as a solo project by Jonny Pierce.

On Brutalism, many things have changed. The album is defined by evolution, mutation and questioning, but it does not provide all the answers. It is steeped in raw emotion, but the

layers are soft, complex and warm, full of delicately crafted pop songs that radiate sunlight

and intense energy against anxiety, loneliness and lack of self-confidence.

Pierce was more open than ever, keeping his need for remote control, while working with others

to produce and record the album. He brought Chris Coady (Beach House, Future Islands, Amen Dunes) for the mix. If there was a guitar part he wanted to write but could not play, he would bring in a guitarist. It's also the first album of The Drums with a live drummer.

Delegate freed up time to allow Pierce to propose a more specific vision.


"I thought our songs sounded like they were tinkered with tape," he says.

"In fact, they are downright bullet-proof. "



The Drums - "Try"

The Drums – Brutalism

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