New York City-based TENDER GLUE shares new music video: "Rudy"

After releasing 2 singles in the lead up to his Closet Leftovers album release later this year,

singer-songwriter Tender Glue shares the video for his third single Rudy.

 Based in New York City, the alternative folk artist behind Tender Glue, Tom Gluewicki, has been

an active member of the independent artist community for some years, setting up his own label

Don’t Label Me Records’ - a label with the ethos of building an integrated and like-minded

artist community. After being drawn to music from a young age, but only teaching himself to

play guitar in his early twenties, Tender Glue’s song catalogue is a collection of poetic folk

inspired bursts of creativity.

Rudy was written around 6 years ago, inspired by a brief, nonintimate meeting with a girl, the melody and chords were already arranged with the lyrics flowing naturally some time later. Featuring uplifting ambient lo-fi sounds, the track was self-recorded in the closet of his studio apartment giving it a charming character and intimacy.

“Rudy” was written about 6 years ago and was inspired by a girl

I met once.  I had chords and a melody written beforehand and the words came quickly to me.

This girl had shown me how she rolls her cigarettes, which was inspiration for the lyrics

“And if I go ; Roll one for me; Cigarettes you used to smoke;

Hope you will quit”.

Although some of the lyrics were based on real scenarios, the whole idea of the song is more of an imagination. I took some of the details of this brief non-intimate meeting and created a story.

Tender Glue is made up of Tom Gluewicki, who was originally born and raised in Poland and later moved to New York in 2002. He explains his first encounter with playing music when he was twelve years-old after he had fixed a broken guitar that his brother brought home.


On September 25th, 2015, Tender Glue released his debut EP titled, “Wait For Steady Light”.

After several years of creating original music, this album is a culmination of raw recordings, composed with minimal equipment, using the resources Tom had in his home. His latest full

length album "Steady Light", which was a continuation of the EP, was released on

August 26th, 2016.


The first four singles from the album Closet Leftovers, were released between February to

June of 2018.

Closet Leftovers was recorded and produced in Tom's studio apartment closet after he moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan more than a year ago.



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Tender Glue - Rudy

Tender Glue – Closet Leftovers (Four Singles)

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