Toronto multi-instrumentalist & producer, shares his new single "Not Enough".

Blending the sounds and textures of techno, pop and new wave, Ted Kennedy channels

Depeche Mode vibes along with a lot of re-engineered new wave-y awesomeness.

The Toronto multi-instrumentalist, producer, performer and promoter has built a steady following since releasing Late (2014) and Lost (2016). Both EPs were co-produced by Joel Kazmi

(Busta Rhymes, NSYNC, Sloan, Jack Soul). His music has been featured in

Exclaim!, Now, Tinnitist, MXDWN, Quick Before It Melts and


Since 2014, Ted has curated the monthly concert series Frequencies, which features live performances from boundary-pushing electronic artists. He has also performed and helped curate showcases at Canadian Music Week.


"Not enough, like a lot of music I have been writing recently, is inspired by the sounds of Toronto’s underground electronic music scene.  Curating Frequencies I’m constantly blown away by the amount of talent here.

It's tough to be an artist in this city, rents are high, venues are closing,

and platforms big enough to give artists any meaningful exposure

are nearly non-existent.  Everyone has day jobs, roommates, and

bedroom studios.


Despite the challenges artists put in the work and create great things. This song is inspired by those artists, their sounds, their creativity, their energy. I just hope I did them justice.


I worked alone on the song for well over a year, fiddling, tinkering, adding parts, removing parts, and it still wasn’t sounding the way I wanted. After

a hearing Evan Vincent (Emmisive) play a set at Frequencies, I  

knew he was the person to help me out. I played the song for him, he

liked it, and did an amazing job editing, and mixing. The song

would probably never have been released if it wasn’t for him."



Frequencies April 18th Handlebar Toronto Ontario Canada.



Ted Kennedy - Not Enough

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