Share new track "Lost Coast" from 'Emerald Trail' EP

"Lost Coast" is the single off Los Angeles-based Sunwarper's newly released Emerald Trail EP. Michael Jakucs’ penchant for consuming soundscapes continues on this EP, a definitively chilled-out listen with a reminiscence to Boards of Canada.

Sunwarper is a Los Angeles based project creating warped, atmospheric electronic music.  Following several releases under the moniker Selles, Michael Jakucs brings a new emphasis on live instruments and sampling under the new name Sunwarper on the debut EP, The Emerald Trail. The EP travels across numerous auditory locales inspired by Jakucs’ time exploring the West Coast.  Sun soaked melodies and a cryptic biome of field recordings, create an audible palette which Jakucs uses to craft nostalgia dripped tunes. Songs drift into times since passed, as wistful synths give way to dusty beats.  


The track is inspired by Michael Jakucs’ time living on the West Coast. The ocean, the weather, and LA culture have all had a profound effect both on his life and music.


These experiences are present in "Lost Coast" through ocean samples taken at Malibu, and a West Coast vibe to the music with reverb soaked surf guitars backed up by booming beats. The title comes from his time exploring the Lost Coast in Northern California, and the many sights and sounds observed there.



Sunwarper – The Emerald Trail

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