Subversive art-pop duo So Sensitive (ex-Muscle and Marrow) announcing debut album and share the first single and stunning Chelsy Mitchell-directed music video “What’s A Girl To Do?”.

So Sensitive is a new duo from Kira Clark and Keith McGraw, who rose to prominence a few years back as the heavy, critically-acclaimed duo Muscle and Marrow. After releasing an album called Love on Flenser Records and touring internationally in support of that with

Marissa Nadler and others, the two had been writing new synth-pop leaning

material that was a radical departure from the heavier, masculine sonic world

of Muscle and Marrow.


The pain of the 2016 election left Clark feeling reckless and angry, wanting to burn everything down… that fateful night was the death of Muscle and Marrow, and the birth of So Sensitive


About the track “What’s A Girl To Do?” Kira Clark says:


"This song is incredibly personal to me and involves familial issues particularly with my father. I liked the idea of writing what

sounded like a love song lyrically but adding the word “father.”

We view romantic love as really singular and specific and the

most intense form of it, but all kinds of love can be equally

as intense particularly when you feel as though you’re

asking someone to love you more, love you better, love

you at all.


The outro “can’t get a hold of time” essentially encapsulates my biggest anxiety-that intimate relationships are fraught and complex and

sometimes you have to remove yourself from them yet all the

while time is going and going and we are all dying and dying.

We worked with an incredible team for the video. Director

Chelsy Mitchell and art director Leeza Regensburger

explored themes of power and control, creating a contrast

with the uncertainty and doubt of the song’s theme." 


A potent alchemic blend of dark feminist synth-pop and subversive art-pop, So Sensitive is ready to rise from Muscle and Marrow's ashes with their debut album Bedroom Drama, which is

slated for release on August 2nd through Soft Boy Songs



So Sensitive - What's A Girl To Do?

So Sensitive - Bedroom Drama

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