Video Premiere "Say, the illocuted way"

S.L.Y.C. is one of the most interesting bands in the Norwegian indie-scene.

Their last album got good reviews and airplay, the band also performed songs from it live on Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Their wonderfully crafted songs and lyrics is enhanced by a soothing and meticulous production. The band is extending and further developing folkpop and shoagaze.

They also have an electronic touch to their sound, and can be heard as a sharp contrast to the the often pompous expressions of nordic pop.

S.L.Y.C. grew out of a wish to unite folk pop with electronic minimalism. On October 27th they release their second album on Metronomicon Audio.


"Say, the illocuted way" comprises eight tracks where the balance between the band members' distinctive contributions and the coherence of the arrangements is constantly challenged. Cautiously the band clears new paths through territory where Electrelane, Stereolab and

Cocteau Twins once moved. 



S.L.Y.C. - Say, the illocuted way

"Video by Anthony Barratt. "

S.L.Y.C.  - Say, the illocuted way
(Metronomicon Audio/Musikkoperatørene)

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