As a stable fixture in the Los Angeles underground over recent years, Sextile have been gaining a devout following since their inception in 2015.

The band boldly throw convention out of the window to create and genre-bending imprint that combines the raw energy of 70’s punk with the intricate and sophisticated structural elements of 80’s post-punk and synth-wave.

Their latest album, Albeit Living is a politically charged, introspective album of impassioned observations on our world today. (felte)

To celebrate the band’s first ever European tour, we spoke with them about their sophomore album, and also a little bit about life here is Brady Keen and the rest of Sextile


Bizzarre: Your favourite science fiction movie?

Brady Keehn: Blade Runner: The Final Cut

B: Something that inspires you, fascinate you or that you find unique?

BK: Quantum Physics — we all have been getting deep into quantum physics.

We’d say quantum physics is to artist today as existentialism was to the beat writers. It really changes your perception of reality.

B: An item from the 80’s that you loved so much and still exists nowadays?

BK: We’d say our Korg Polysix, it’s our favorite poly synth from that time. 

B: If you could teleport in time but also in space where would you go, and why?

Eddie: I would go to Europa, with my expedition crew and drill in to the icey crust and find that water.

Cam: I just wanna see real alien.

Mel: ancient Egypt, cause I wanna find out what’s really going on

Brady: I would go 5 billion years into the future to watch the Andromeda galaxy collide with the Milky Way.


B: If you had the power to communicate with “an advanced civilization” from another planet, what would you ask them? 

BK:  I don’t know if we’d ask them a question as much as we would tell them to come to Earth. It would be interesting to watch religion and existence theories get dismantled. Funny how to think how that could bring peace to several regions on Earth.

B: How have your lives changed since your first album A Thousand Hands?

BK:  Wow, I think in every way possible and all for the better. So much has happened, moved to better apartments, different jobs, lost friends, gained friends, meeting heroes, playing with heroes, eating better; seriously in every way. 


B: You are now playing in the UK for the first time and about to start your tour in Europe, how do you feel? what are you looking forward to discover?

BK: Shit we feel great! The crowds have been super pumped in the UK so far and every city is a new city we have never been to. It’s really exciting. 

B: Tell us something that caused you some impact you during the creation of the album…

BK: For one, we recorded it ourselves in a basement in echo park.

I won’t ever forget those two weeks and how hot it got in there!

But none the less we’re proud how it turned out.

But also our political climate affected the record and it’s sound a lot.

As well did personal struggles for all the members. We hustle. 




Sextile - One Of These

B: Your sound remains strong and alive in Albeit Living, an ode to the 80's with amazing synths, but also that pure and natural energy driven by the powerful

drums and rugged bass, how do you find the balance between organic and

raw elements with electronic?

BK: It’s a thin line actually. And sometimes we find certain elements don’t always fit. But because the synths we use are analog, they are too made of raw natural elements, they sit very naturaly with Melissa’s drums.

B: You gave us a great surprise this 2018 to release a single, "Current Affair" a great song featuring your mate, the actress Sienna Scarritt, would you like to have more collaborations in your future albums?

BK: Absolutely, working on a few now! 

Sextile - Current Affair (feat. Sienna)

B: Albeit Living is a very introspective album, (politically and socially speaking),

your perspective of the world at this chaotic era with a very divided society,

how do you feel this situation in the U.S.?

BK:  The U.S. feels like an embarrassing mess. I’m watching people walk backwards into 1950s. I feel like we ask our selves what the fuck is going on, on a daily basis.

We could go into a twenty page essay on this shit but we will save that for another time.

Sextile - Ripped 

“Ripped is a youthful, yet destructive song and I wanted to convey that visually. Innocence and chaos. Kind of what we're born into.”

Brady Keehn explains


Albeit Living


1. One of These
2. Who Killed Six
3. Ripped
4. Floored
5. Mental
6. Sterilized
7. Das Cat
8. Situations
9. Crisis
10. AVC

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Sextile UK/Europe Upcoming Live Dates


26 London, UK @ The Shacklewell Arms  
27 Brighton, UK @ The Albert
28 Margate, UK @ Tom Thumb Theatre
30 Paris, FR @ Supersonic
31 Rennes, FR @ Antipode
01 Leuven, BE @ Stuk
02 Kortrijk, BE@ De Kreun      
03 Den Haag, NL @ Zwarte Ruiter  
04 Apeldoorn, NL @ Grasnapolsky Festival 
05 Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso  
06 Cologne, DE @ MTC
07 Hamburg, DE @ Molotov (Skybar)
08 Copenhagen, DK @ Loppen
09 Stockholm, SE @ Klubb Dod (Nalen)
10 Oslo, NO @ Revolver
12 Berlin, DE @ Musik & Frieden (Blue Room)
13 Prague, CZ @ Café V Lese
14 Vienna, AT @ Rhiz
15 Budapest, HU @ Durer Kert
16 Ljubljana, SI @ Kino Siska (Komuna Hall)
17 Neuchatel, CH @ Case A Chocs
19 Milan, IT @ Ligera
20 Bologna, IT @ Freakout
23 Barcelona, ES @ Sidecar
24 Madrid, ES @ Wurlitzer Ballroom
25 Porto, PT @ Hard Club
26 Lisbon, PT @ Sabotage

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