Satellite Jockey

"Modern Life Vol.1" the new international album from the French Band 

What's really strong is that the second to last song sounds like an ending one, and then  suddenly BANG here comes another ending song ! It's like a hidden track that you can straightly hear without giving yourself a headache trying to cut up the file in Audacity. To top it all, there's some classical music in it, and it's very well played ! Really really strong. 

Since childhood already, the members of Satellite Jockey  liked to show off at the playground, or in gym class. When the other children contented themselves with dodgeballs and backward rolls,  Rémi, Pauline, Thibaut, Clément, Antoine and Florian dominated the headlines of the local newspapers, with reproductions of the Louvre with bread crumbs or by defeating Sochaux (a city and a french football soccer team).


Their deep artistic sensibility, leaded them to the musical domain, that they irremediably revolutionized. With their first albums, the entire world discovered it was possible to write words such as F A C E or B A B A with guitar chords.


After having sailed all around Brittany, Satellite Jockey leaves Brest for Lyon, on horseback, cause it's classy. Their energy is so strong that the wake of their crossing irremediably cut France in two ungraceful pieces, like two big Wasabi Doritos™.

The country didn't blame them, because it is legit to admit that Falling (2015) and Modern Life Vol.1 (2017) are wonderful whereas France, well, it's just made of soil.


   B I Z Z A R R E 


Satellite Jockey - Modern Life Vol.1

OUT April 21t (LP/ CD/ Digital) 



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