Premiere 'I Think We Should Take It Fast'

Berlin’s new favourite dandy did it again! “HOMOTOPIA,” Sam Vance-Law’s debut album being
released at the beginning of 2018, addresses the issues of everyday queer life from A to Z.

And, after his widely praised debut single “PRETTYBOY,” the Canadian allrounder delights us with yet another fantastic track.

This one, just like the first, goes straight to the ears and the legs and will most certainly elicit a chuckle from the mindful listener.
Its title alone – “I THINK WE SHOULD TAKE IT FAST” – already hints at the scene: night time, sitting in bar, perhaps already 3-4 beers in his blood, Sam has chosen his hookup for the night and is hoping to get him out of the bar.

But it has been a long day, work was a hassle and all that he actually wants is to take a guy back to his place and then – for the benefit of his well deserved sleep – take it fast. He keeps it honest:


“I’m not here to fool myself and I won’t fool you into what I wanna do with you and maybe the guy behind you too,”

a line accompanied by almost hasty sounding drums as well as a piano whose quiet staccato seems to represent a tipsy impatience. And as he keeps letting his counterpart know that he wants to waste no time and preferably help him on with his coat on the spot, the basically minimalist instrumental track rises up to a genuine anthem.

A marching beat, a bright yet repetitive melody and lush vocals convey the feeling that

Sam Vance-Law has stumbled out of the bar with exactly one drink too many and one flirt success too few. Eventually, when everything is spinning and he can barely keep his eyes open, he still manages to purr, “I think we should take it fast” three more times before the song ends abruptly.

And although there is nearly no doubt that this three and a half-minute musical getaway was bound to culminate lonely and drunk in his own bed, what remains in the end is something like a blissful smile.



Sam Vance-Law - I Think We Should Take It Fast

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