Indie-rock band share debut single 'The Creeps'

The East Texas quartet Roadkeeper formed in 2018 as an independent, self-produced project that blends the dreamy aesthetic of shoegaze with anthemic psychedelic rock. Based in Tyler, Texas, the band is made up of producer/vocalist John Eric Hetherington and drummer Nick Cogdill, who both served in the post-punk group Knifight, as well as guitarist Trevor Tull and bassist Daniel Griffith. Their debut single The Creeps, released on October 26, 2018 by Equal Temperament, is a cathartic shoe gaze anthem that deals with abuse and emotional manipulation.


Their track The Creeps is inspired by several of John’s friends and acquaintances who all became victims of abuse within the period of a year. Regarding the musical aspect of the track, Trevor sent a voice memo of the opening guitar riff to John and John could hear the entire finished track based on that memo.

The band is currently based in the East Texas city of Tyler and has a studio in John’s attic where they produce and record their material. Members have known each other for over a decade but this is the first time they have played together in this configuration. 



Roadkeeper - The Creeps

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