One of the most awaited sections in Mutek for those who already know what it is about, but also for those who seek for new things and to be surprised.

A/Visions is made by an incredible display of audiovisual projects that always leave us amazed and definitely, complement something in ourselves, always with the best advanced projects, they come with their arsenal of images, music, improvisations and armed most of the time by the technology and knowledge in their domain to make our senses fly, this year does not exepcion, one after another, day by day each of the exponents did not give an audiovisual walk that we are sure mark a part of our lives.

There is no doubt the effort and talent of the artists who are performing to transmit to us their ideas, each year we can find a big number of proposals and as usual, they always leave their personal imprint on us, we live the experience of meeting the magnificent audiovisual scene that has Mutek as platform and one of its gem in this singular exhibition with plenty of projects, all of them so different from each other.

Mutek Day 1

The Music Cities Symposium

was the forum to examine and debate the complex relationship between music culture the industry and its local city context with a focus on live music.


Mutek Day 2


Since its creation, MUTEK has ceaselessly pushed the envelope with its search for novelty, its freshness, its eclecticism and its welcoming vibe. As a place where adventurous international artists meet, MUTEK also acts as a point of convergence between the local and international scenes, as well as providing space for different audiences to rub shoulders, encouraging encounters between art and artists.


Mutek turned 18, and for this special ocassion, the festival expanded its program, and as always, faithful with its commitment to live performances, visual art and technology.

Canada’s preeminent hub of electronic music and digital creativity celebrated its birthday with the people, the Esplanade of the Place des Arts at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC), Mutek opened its doors and stage for free presented as part of the official celebrations of Montréal’s 375th. Artists from Barcelona, Berlin, London and Mexico City, had the chance to show their music and culture through Mutek.

With the support of the Barcelona City Council, the city’s mediterranean sensibilities in design, art and musical culture spread discursive activities with creators, and live performances.

The capital city of Catalonia, Barcelona’s affnities with Montréal and Québec run deep — not just through 8 editions of MUTEK.ES, but through long standing socio-political bonds as well.

With a background in creative computer engineering, Alba G. Corral combines her own coding for generative systems with improvised drawing and cinematic sensibilities, her colourful abstract narratives spanning live music, video, digital media and installations.

This time, the perfect match with Wookie with a special performance for Mutek.

As central to Spain's electronic music scene as Wooky, she's achieved artistic synchronicity on stage with collaborators such as Stendhal Syndrome, Villalobos, Loderbauer, Shackleton, Jon Hopkins and Lorr, performing at Sónar, Primavera Sound and Elevate.

Live, Wooky and Corral sync roving, inquisitive music with spectacular visuals that fill the entire stage, overwhelming the space and our senses while

freeing our minds.

Interview with Pau Soler at Inter_connect

Mutek Montreal 2017

Leveraging MUTEK’s already considerable ties to Mexico’s capital, cultivated through 13 editions of MUTEK Mexico, the oldest capital city in the Americas and a modern, “alpha” global metropolis, CDMX is a hotbed of activity for contemporary art, music and food culture with an ascendant international profle. 


A taste of London at MUTEK, A powerhouse of contemporary culture, a trendsetting metropolis and a constant source of forward thinking new music and art. Along with outdoor and indoor showcases of music and audiovisual performances.

An international creative hub nourished by endless waves of artists and aspirants from all over the world, Berlin is a mecca of incessant creativity, technological innovation and provocative social, political and cultural activity. A place where club culture is recognized as high art, Berlin is represented musically by a mix of veterans and newcomers attracted by the city’s cosmopolitan effervescence, with support from the GoetheInstitut Montréal.


MUTEK's opening night took us to a audiovisual travel by the hand of Max Cooper presenting his project Emergence, The pre-big bang galaxy into his vision of a biotech future.

The geometric abstraction artist Markus Heckmann. The analog synthesis of Timbre. 

The second night, was time for the special performance by Daphni, a super special 5 hour performance at the best place, the Montréal’s legendary Métropolis turned in Daphni´s palette of sounds and colours. 

Mutek Day 3


RBMA presented on Thursday night a big doses of drone and heaviosity beats with the immersive sound of France Jobin, an experimental trip with Surgeon's Anthony Child, 

and a nice and eclectic performance by the hand of Sarah Davachi,  the claustrophobic atmospheres

of Fis, and the weird but impotent sounds from  Deathprod direct from Norway.

Techno witnessed one of the cult nights foir Techno. 

Saturday, from 11pm until 6am with a variety of jazzy sounds, german tech-soul and groovie dance to finish the weekend.

Sunday night  and closing the festival, a physically and musically n experience at Satosphere and SAT.



It is difficult to describe

the feeling that we can experience when we are seeing an immersive spectacle of this kind because it is really necessary to be there in soul and body, seeing and hearing the wonderful and singular ideas shaped art.

This ideas, this work, these dreams, this projects are important and a very essential part of Mutek, they are complex to describe in words, images or video, the experience is unique, covered by a magnificent projection that definitely makes us feel in another world, another space,

the projected graphics in the sphere,

many of us were waiting for the festival just to be there, in this space, in this sphere. 

Full of wonderful composition of images that blowed our heads, both projections and its incredible sound system, was like a catapult to that sent us to other worlds, other dimensions that can only be lived in that place, every show that was presented at this year's edition of Satosphere at the Société des Arts Technologiques, was marked by their very particular stamps and once again, the immersive experience that gives us the SAT, along the amazing work of each artist  definitely made our senses fly.


Mutek Day 4

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