QUANTIC shares new track "You Used To Love Me" ft. Denitia from new album "Atlantic Oscillations" out on June 21st via-Tru Thoughts Records.

"You Used To Love Me ft. Denitia" is the new single from Atlantic Oscillations, the long-awaited album by British producer Will "Quantic" Holland. It is to the New York-based singer, composer, guitarist and producer Denitia that we owe the lyrics and voice, intertwining a mystical and

bitter-sweet love story lost on Quantic's electronic sound par excellence.

Announced by the critically acclaimed singles "Atlantic Oscillations" and "Motivic Retrograde", and now "You Used To Love Me ft. Denitia", Atlantic Oscillations, is Quantic's first album under his solo name since the highly acclaimed Magnetica in 2014.


Meanwhile, this prolific artist has set the bar high with projects such as The Western Transient, Flowering Inferno, Quantic & Nidia Góngora, and Quantic y Los Míticos del Ritmo. He also moved to Brooklyn, built his new studio, "Selva", and accepted a residency at the

Good Room Club in New York, where he was able to test his new songs. These

recordings, trips and projects all played a role in the creation of

Atlantic Oscillations.


"This album seemed to grow naturally at the same time as I discovered New York. I started the album with electronic sketches on Ableton, but with my new studio I realized that I could record with live musicians. »

Taking into account this New York influence, the instrumentation of "You Used To Love Me ft. Denitia" gives way to the emotional honesty of the words, Denitia using the image of nature to explore the moment when a couple realizes that their relationship is over.

Denitia explains:


"This is the moment when you realize that both people in a relationship are completely lost. Lost with each other, lost for trying, lost because we don't know what we're doing. All this time, energy, heart, and so much has been invested, but now that it's collapsing, let's let it slide into the river stream.

I wanted to use nature - the river, the waterfall - as a metaphor for life moving forward, continuing, rushing. "Oh, this is over. It's been over. Should we keep trying? No. I'm ok with that'. »

"You Used To Love Me ft. Denitia" offers Holland the opportunity to play on the interaction of guitars and synths to create a tension on a techno background impregnated with jazz.


"I like parts where the synth patterns become really whimsical and intimately linked to live instruments," Holland confesses, "it feels like

we're transforming nature and digital. This natural imagery

used to represent the power of emotions is something that

crosses the Atlantic Oscillations.


I think Quantic's sound has always been to make electronic music more natural and that live sounds almost make you forget its electronic nature, until something hits you in the face," he explains.



Quantic - You Used To Love Me

Quantic - Atlantic Oscillations

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