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Following last year’s haunting debut album, Wuthering Drum,

New York’s Public Memory returns to the fold with a new EP.

 Veil of Counsel will be officially released on March 17th via felte.


Public Memory is the solo work of Robert Toher, previously known for his output in ERAAS and Apse. His output is a concoction of damaged dubbed-out percussion, unfurling tape-delayed synths and sparse sampling; music potent in its haunting sense of space, conjuring powerful imagery that echoes around the foggy room between the notes. Strung together by Toher's otherworldly vocals, Public Memory’s music finds a crossroad between krautrock, trip hop and coldwave.

Veil Of Counsel is the first formal release since the 2016 debut album, Wuthering Drum. With titles like "Verdict," "Afterlife" and "Ecco", these three tracks seem to create a chronology that in themselves perhaps mark the end of the Wuthering Drum era for Public Memory, with a second album anticipated for late 2017.

 Effectively, each track showcases a singular world, one distinct from the next.

Each are different vestiges of paths not explored during Wuthering Drum, or maybe each is foreshadowing what may be yet to come. That said, Veil Of Counsel does not feel like a mere construction from the scraps left on its predecessor's cutting-room floor. These are ardent, earnest songs, crafted in colors and rhythms tapped right from the band's source; a kind of alien emotion that walks the tightrope between one part romantic, nostalgic - the other introspective and dystopian.

Recorded over a year spent in Los Angeles, the debut album Wuthering Drum was released on felte in March '16 followed by the “Gate At The End single in June ’16 and a US tour with Merchandise last Autumn. Earlier this year then saw the sudden release of 

Wuthering Drum Reworks, an album of remixes available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp only which flies all over the electronic spectrum of genres. Some standouts included the synth-pop laced Tempers remix of “Heir", Rémy Charrier’s memorizing, melodic art-techno take on “Cul De Sac" and the vapor-trailed version of

The Sight Below’s take on “Lunar.” .





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Public Memory- ‘Veil Of Counsel’ 
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