Vienna based producer/singer/songwriter PRESSYES has been working on

his music in quiet for an extended period. Hidden away from the public’s eyes and ears, sheltered in his studio behind a stash of analog synthesizers, he worked on turning his vision of summery and sparkly yet psychedelic pop tunes alive.

What drives René Mühlberger a.k.a. PRESSYES is the urge to push his own creativity, effectively resisting to fall into patterns, trying to consciously loosen the knots in his safety net – go out, experience the world, and actually live the dreams billboards try to sell us. 

With a live band comprising former Velojet bass player Marlene Lacherstorfer and drummer Alex Kerbl, the dreamy soundscapes will hit the road.


PRESSYES´ debut album “On the Run” is an ode to exactly that:

living the dream.

Thank you to:

Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes

Jeremy Méléard (Soundpress Agency - Trans Musicales)

Maeva Buisard (Trans Musicales)

Claire Touseau (Culturebox)

Interview by:

Fanny Delorme

Francisco Fonseca


Pressyes - Live at Trans Musicales de Rennes 2018 / Culturebox



"On The Run"

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