Preoccupations shares the new track "Espionage" from their new album

'New Material', out March 23, 2018 on Jagjaguwar.

Preoccupations' songs have always worked through themes of creation, destruction, and futility, and they've always done it with singular post-punk grit. The textures are evocative and razor-sharp. The wire is always a live one. But while that darker side may have been well-explored, that's not quite the same as it being fully, intensely lived. This time it was, and the result is 'New Material', a collection that broadens and deepens Preoccupations to a true mastery of their sound. In it lies the difference between witnessing a car crash and crashing your own, between jumping into an ocean and starting to swallow the water. 

"It's an ode to depression,' singer Matt Flegel says plainly.

"To depression and self-sabotage, and looking inward at yourself with extreme hatred."


Typically resilient, the months leading up to recording 'New Material' brought a new order of magnitude to feelings that had been creeping up on Flegel for some time. He'd written bits and pieces of lyrics through the course of it, small snippets he hadn't assigned to any one thought or feeling but were emblematic of a deeper issue, something germinating that was dense and numb and fully unshakeable. As the band began writing music, that process gave shape to the sheer tonnage of what he'd been carrying. With virtually nothing written or demoed before the band sat down together, the process was more collaborative than before. It was almost architectural, building some things up, tearing others down to the beams, sitting down and writing songs not knowing what they were about. But for Flegel, it led to a reckoning.

"Finishing 'Espionage' was when I realized," says Flegel.

"I looked at the rest of the lyrics and realized the magnitude of what was wrong."

'New Material' builds a world for that feeling, playing through its layers and complexities while hiding almost nothing. That inscrutable side is part of the magic, here, and a necessary counterweight to the straight-jab clarity of Flegel's lyrics. You can deep-dive the lyrics or zone into a riff; you can face it or you can get lost in it. 

Opener "Espionage" lives up to Munro's goals, kicking off with a clattering, rhythmic echo that gives way to sprinting percussion and a melody in the orbit of Manchester's classics.

And while calling an album 'New Material' might seem like a smartass move, the truth is it's as matter-of-fact a title as Espionage, Disarray, or anything else on the record. Why fight that? 

If the through-line unifying Preoccupations' work is a furious, almost punishing cyclical quality, 'New Material' does offer some relief.

"This is somehow the most uptempo thing we've ever done," observes Flegel.


That propulsive, itchy quality rescues 'New Material' from the proverbial bottom of the pit.

To write these songs is to force oneself to reignite, to play them is to stand up and reengage.

Listen to the first single “Espionage” via the video that Nathan David Smith made above.

He brought to life the album artwork created by Marc Rimmer.



14 – Toronto, Ontario @ Horseshoe Tavern
18 – Boston, Mass. @ Brighton Music Hall *
19 – Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Rough Trade *
20 – Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Elsewhere (Zone One) ^
23 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ Underground Arts *
24 – Washington, D.C. @ Rock & Roll Hotel *
26 – Columbus, Ohio @ The A&R Music Bar *
27 – Chicago, Ill. @ Empty Bottle *
29 – Minneapolis, Minn. @ 7th Street Entry *

01 – Winnipeg, Manitoba @ Pyramid Cabaret *
03 – Edmonton, Alberta @ Starlite *
04 – Calgary, Alberta @ Palomino *
05 – Calgary, Alberta @ Palomino 
09 – Vancouver, British Columbia @ The Cobalt 
11 – Seattle, Wash. @ Barboza #
12 – Portland, Ore. @ Star Theater #
14 – San Francisco, Calif. @ Rickshaw Stop #
18 – Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Echo #
19 – Phoenix, Ariz. @ Valley Bar #
22 – Austin, Texas @ Barracuda
23 – Dallas, Texas @ Club Dada
24 – St. Louis, Mo. @ Firebird

05 – London, U.K. @ London Underground
07 – Berlin, Germany @ Musik & Frieden
10 – Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands @ Best Kept Secret Festival
11 – Paris, France @ Maroquinerie
12 – Ramsgate, U.K. @ RMH
13 – Leeds, U.K. @ Brudenell Social Club

03 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Sugarfactory
04 – Hamburg, Germany @Molotow

^ – w/ Odonis Odonis
* – w/ Freak Heat Waves
# – w/ Moaning



Preoccupations - Espionage (Official Audio)

Preoccupations – New Material

  1. Espionage

  2. Decompose

  3. Disarray

  4. Manipulation

  5. Antidote

  6. Solace

  7. Doubt

  8. Compliance

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