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Avant-pop sister duo Waterbaby share new single "No Caller ID" out now via unititled recs.

Sister duo Waterbaby release their new single “No Caller ID”, marking the Londoners second release on untitled recs (home to TAAHLIAH, Famous, Jerskin Fendrix, and more).

The track is the sisters’ follow up to their recent critically-acclaimed single “Thin Air” and it’s futuristic and industrial remix by conceptual audio-visual artist BABii, which she describes as one of her most maximalist productions to date.

Martha and Jessica Kilpatrick (aka Waterbaby) have been quiet, mystical forces in the underground London scene for the past few years, emerging in and out of the sanctuary of their studio to perform their hypnotic live show with artists as varied as KedrLivansky, audiobooks, and DorianElectra. Much like the entirety of their output, their public performances are non-conforming, audiovisual experiences composed of punchy electronic soundscapes, siren-esque vocals, and hallucinogenic video projections.

Waterbaby’s insular and feminine sonic world showcases inventive song structures backed by dizzying layers of production – all crafted on their stash of lost & found analogue gear. In a world where the analogue and the digital seem to be in constant headlock, Waterbaby effortlessly solve the equation. The music operates in a space where a Cocteau Twins-esque anachronism meets the sharper edge of OneohtrixPointNever or LaurelHalo’s contemporary experimental electronica.

The new single takes listeners on a journey through multiple sonic worlds of crackly signals and warped frequencies that reverberate and echo amongst each other to build richly layered sound. Angelic vocals combine with weighty percussion and synth elements, as looped and chopped melodies move in and out of focus throughout the track, culminating in a looped refrain – “are you hearing me, caller?”

Speaking on the track they say:

“We were listening to the radio one day, flicking through channels and changing from station to station, when a caller rang into a talk show, but no-one was on the other end of the line.

We recorded this strange dialogue which became the backbone for the idea behind No Caller ID”

“No Caller ID begins with that surreal telephone call and like a message lost in transition, transforms through multiple sonic worlds – the signal travels down the telephone wire, under the deep blue sea,

it gets lost in a busy high street and detonates in a choir of chanting sun worshippers in outer space, eventually coming full circle to the glitching and faltering voices repeating the message of the radio host “are you hearing me caller?”

Sounds warp, distort, and unravel as the song unfolds, like entering a black hole. Alone, you call out to a world static with interference, only to hear your own voice echoing back.”

For both their cult fanbase and new listeners alike, the new single is a consummate snapshot of everything the duo has worked on to date. With further new material and live dates on the horizon, both “Thin Air” and “No Caller ID” stand as a mesmerising take-off point for the duo as they propel us into a new world where female creativity is boundless.

“No Caller ID” is out now via Untitled Recs

Stream / Download here


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