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Icelandic trio Vök share their new single ‘Lost in the Weekend’, their first release since their 2019 album ‘In the Dark’.

Vök have shared their dynamic new single Lost in the Weekend, which is out now through Nettwerk Records.

Following the release of their acclaimed 2019 album In the Dark, which was written and recorded by the band in collaboration with producer James Earp (Bipolar Sunshine, Fickle Friends, Lewis Capaldi), Vök have been nestled away in their Reykjavík studios working on new material. The result is some of their most atmospheric work yet and Lost in the Weekend is an early taste of their progressive alt-pop sound.

Based around a semi-autobiographical character, Lost in the Weekend focuses on the ease of over-indulgence when you’re living in the moment and the purposeful loss of a sense of self. Mixed by David Wrench (Frank Ocean, Goldfrapp, The xx), it builds playfully, launching into a bold chorus, which musically echoes the meaning behind the song.

Lead singer Margrét says;

“This song was inspired by my young adulthood days when I moved to the city (Reykjavik) and started exploring the nightlife and partying.

I wrote this song while I was watching the TV series Euphoria and it really took me back to that time. As a teenager, I was often in a bad headspace and I found the best way to forget about that was

to get “lost in the weekend”.

Weekends became a focal point in my life and everything seemed to revolve around them.”

Through their unique and lushly layered sound that blends electro and indie with forward-thinking pop and a self-assured aesthetic, that is just as striking as their sound, Vök continue to cement their position as one of the most exciting alternative bands right now. Following two critically acclaimed albums, Lost in the Weekend is just the first musical moment in an

exciting year for Vök, with further new music announced soon.

Vök - Lost in the Weekend

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