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Stockholm based artist Vilde releases LP, ‘Atopia’.

Vilde began with the monthly single release campaign culminating in 12 songs comprising Study/Dance in 2017,

followed by 2018’s Thud and Fidget At The Podium in 2019.

This year, after released 3 incredible singles, "Grace", "Absentee" & "Horseback", Stockholm based artist Thomas Savage aka Vilde, is back with a new collection of beautiful songs that complete his 4th LP Atopia.

The record was mixed by Thomas Savage and David Pye [Wild Beasts, Dido] and mastered by Eric James [Dame Joan Sutherland, Faithless, James Holden] at Philosophers Barn, Norfolk.

Thomas writes about "Grace",

“I discovered the chord progression one day on a guitar, and played it repeatedly for about 40 minutes. Everything fell into place in my mind, the beat, the synths. I avoided beginning

production on it, working on other songs instead, for fear I’d ruin it.

Or perhaps to have something rock solid to fall back on if I felt I’d come to a roadblock. I’d never performed spoken-word on any song so far, so it surprised me when I dove straight in with it

on Grace, without even attempting a vocal melody.

It felt so immediately right that I never ended up attempting an actual melody.

It was sort of a get-in, get-out approach, as if that process would help the thing

retain its purity.”

Thomas says about Absentee,

“As a sort of writing experiment I had attempted something of a soft, instrumental jazz piece. Although I became enamoured with the chords and it morphed more towards my usual approach, with beats and vocals and lead guitar parts.

The song is about feeling absent from one’s own life. Subscribing to a self-penned story to have it pulled from under you. It’s hope and dread thrown into the same cookpot.”

About “‘Horseback’, Thomas writes,

"is an appreciation for beauty with a smearing of grit and grime. But you scrub off the grit and

somehow the thing becomes less beautiful. It’s a mantra to hold all emotions near & dear,

versus wider opinion which often sets a precedent of limitation.

This song reckons it’s gained something in its transition from teenager to adult, whilst wondering

what it might’ve lost.”

Thomas wrote Atopia whilst in a period of displacement, incrementally between Melbourne, Aarhus and finally Stockholm, where production on the record began during the late Swedish summer of 2019. Shortly thereafter Thomas recamped to Norwich, where he mixed the record.The songs were then brought to life with additional mixing by David Pye, then sent off for mastering to Eric James at Philosophers Barn, Norfolk.

Thomas Savage aka Vilde writes melodies, Jesper Hättander drums, Elin Ghersinich does art direction and visuals.

Vilde - Atopia


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