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Venus Furs

Venus Furs drops new video for 'Chaos and Confusion'

Venus Furs is the moniker of Montreal’s Paul Kasner, a multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer. In preceding years the act has taken many forms, supporting the likes of The Horrors and The Twilight Sad as he worked on refining and determining exactly what Venus Furs was meant to be. Now, Kasner is on the verge of releasing Venus Furs, a rigorously crafted set of songs that voyage through sonic and mental terrain. The album is out now!

Venus Furs is filled with furiously-pitched guitars, walls of sound and driving rhythms, the finer instrumental aspects are not lost; each can be picked out from the turbulent blur, but in unison they enhance each other, creating a polychromatic and passionate whole.

Once you press play on the self-titled record you’re immediately welcomed into a world of sound that sits at the nexus of psych rock and garage rock, shot through with grand melodic hooks that echo the British alternative scene that he’s always greatly admired, all produced with a finely-tuned ear and precise hand.

“Chaos and Confusion” is the opening track of the debut Venus Furs album.  It's about a woman who loses everything in a game of cards narrated by the dealer who cheats her while taking advantage of her inability to stop playing. 

At the end of the song, the dealer nearly shows his humanity, turning away to hide the guilt of his actions.  The video attempts to tap into the emotions the dealer attempts to hide - guilt, regret

and consequent turmoil. - 

Paul Kasner

Venus Furs - Venus Furs


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