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Raven Bush

Once more, another starlight single has shone, preceding the much anticipated album 'Fall Into Noise'!

After recently announcing his debut album 'Fall Into Noise' is due August 13th via PRAH Recordings, Margate-based producer Raven Bush is sharing his new single "Made of Stars".

Speaking about the latest track, Raven explained:

"The first version of this tune was made for a performance at Funkhaus in Berlin, where I had the pleasure of composing music for the inimitable KDV dance ensemble alongside Floating Points and Lotic. For me, this piece is about remembering that during the process of change we find ourselves in uncomfortable spaces. And to remember it’s these moments where we grow the most, so hold tight. This is also the first piece of released music that uses my daughter’s voice."

Once more we are entranced and yearn for what is to come. 'Fall Into The Noise' is a record that looks to document living in the moment, allowing the listener to find their own meaning in the results and the music to speak for itself, which is testament to Raven's experimentation with sound and freedom of expression as an artist.


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