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Canadian producer Nailbiter shares new single and video "Pinned".

NAILBITER is the synthesized alter ego of producer/studio guru and one half Beliefs member Josh Korody. After spending 2019 in the studio with Toronto duo MSTRKRFT and releasing on their imprint ORO Records and his own Techno imprint, Nodding Heads.

Korody's 4th release on Hand Drawn Dracula, "Brace" is a collection of ideas and material that evoke a more cinematic and visual state of mind wherein each piece was a spark, processed in the moment rather than analyzed. The pieces became an experiment wherein the composer scored a film that does not yet exist.

The album was recorded, produced, and mixed by Josh Korody, among various apartments as well as his Candle Recording studio, and mastered by Jesse. F Keeler.

Nailbiter - Brace

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