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Tijuana's finest Mint Field Share new video "Aterrizar"

Mexico City based Mint Field are sharing a new video for their track "Aterrizar", which is taken from their recent album 'Sentimiento Mundial' out now via Felte Records.

Speaking about the track, the band said:

"We created this song at the end of 2018 when we came back from tour and we had all that energy absorbed from a year of being on the road. This song is full of hope. It’s about not giving up on your feelings and dreams. It also emphasises not rushing things and that everything will happen at the right time."

Video directors Daniela and Elena Solis offered the following for the "Aterrizar" visuals:

"Light, music and your heart beat at the same time. Look, listen, feel."

Mint Field was originally formed in Tijuana by Estrella Sanchez and Amor Amezcua in 2015 and is now led by vocalist and guitarist Estrella del Sol with Sebastian Neyra on bass. The band creates a unique blend of avant pop that explores the nostalgia and melancholy of daily life with complex rhythms, loud, shimmering guitars, and softly sighing vocals. Emerging from the two most exciting destinations for art and music in Mexico, the band originally formed in Tijuana before relocating to Mexico City where they are now based.

Following the release of their debut album Pasar de las Luces in 2018, the band toured extensively, playing over 100 shows including dates in North America, Mexico, and two headline tours in Europe. Without skipping a beat, the band recorded the Mientras Esperas EP, releasing it in March 2019. With continued touring in the US, Canada, and Mexico, Mint Field closed the summer of 2019 with two sold-out shows in Mexico City.

The band quickly went on to record their second full-length, Sentimiento Mundial, in London at Wilton Way Studios with producer Syd Kemp and help from drummer Callum Brown (both of Ulrika Spacek). The album sees the evolution of the band's psych-shoegaze sound shift toward a more minimal, rhythmically focused approach. "Natural" resumes Mint Field's classic sound with a dreamy guitar that bursts into raucous distortion, elevated by the addition of violin, strings, and saxophone. This was achieved with the help of guest collaborators Cathy Lucas (Vanishing Twin) and Nathan Pigott, who along with Kemp are part of the HAHA Sounds Collective. The motorik beat of "Contingencia" sets a krautrock-inspired tone that's taken to new heights with del Sol's angelic voice. Hauntingly melodic, "Delicadeza'' perfectly captures the band's very own type of supernatural shoegaze. Sentimiento Mundial crystalizes Mint Field's distinctive, contemporary sound with passion and energy that takes listeners to unimaginable places. It's available now via Felte Records.

You can order the album here.


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