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Madelline shares new video for the track "On a Different Wave!" taken from her forthcoming EP, NOISE COMPLAINT.

Originally hailing from Connecticut, Madelline is an artist based out of Montreal. Her forthcoming EP, NOISE COMPLAINT, is about taking creativity into your own hands. She is sharing the official video for her latest single "On a Different Wave!

Having recently acquired her own studio, Madelline’s entire process of making music was switched up – allowing her to take things into her own hands. Madelline’s forthcoming NOISE COMPLAINT EP was mixed over Zoom, her mixing engineer being a great musical partner who really helped get the vibe right.

Madelline spent days locked up in Mirabel, a small town outside of Montreal, from April to June – anxious and not knowing what to do but create. It was the only thing there was to focus on.

Even though she was staying at a friends house, the two barely saw one another except for meals and TV before bed. It was depressing but also productive – the only thing that gave Madelline comfort.

New single, “On a Different Wave!,” is a classy way to say “fuck you” to the people who dragged her down, and that she’s doing better than ever without them.


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