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LA singer/writer/producer Frogi, shares new track "Fake It"

"A group of birds is called a flock, a group of cattle is called a herd, a group of frogs is called an army." This seemingly innocuous fact from Smithsonian Magazine holds a deeper meaning for Los Angeles artist frogi, who's been steadily building her army of fans since her 2019 debut single "peace of mind." It's a sentence rooted in the idea that there's power in community and connection, and that hey, don't write off the little guy. With her music - which she sings, writes and produces - frogi takes us into her psyche. Organic instrumentation and weightless vocals help translate her innermost thoughts into kinetic stories about love and self-worth, revealing that universal thread of emotions which runs through all of us.

Her latest single "Fake It" typifies frogi's sound. A warm bed of piano and soft humming comes in on top of the sound of falling rain, and it feels like we're in a cozy fall cabin sitting on the bench next to frogi as she performs each note. frogi laments the need to conform in order to be liked, choosing instead to stay true to herself in the lyrics, "Stay here, I’ll go home without you / You have way more friends than I do."

"I wanted to convey the sadness of something ending, but also the beauty of a new beginning," frogi shares about the song.

"My husband (VAAAL) is actually playing live drums on it, as well as acoustic guitar that I recorded on a voice memo on my phone. I like the realness I captured and the raw room sounds.

The song is about growing up in a place where you don't fit in, and not compromising your uniqueness just to conform. I think it's an interesting concept, and I often wonder how much of ourselves we hide just to feel a part of."

"Fake It" follows the release of "phantom limb," which represents a turning point frogi's career as the first single to be released as the flagship artist on independent label Apartment 22 established by tmrw. Writing and producing "phantom limb," in addition to all of her previously released work, entirely herself, she is dedicated to her catalogue being comprised of her completely. This choice represents a conscious to decision to champion further female involvement in the creative process of music, allowing for the unfiltered voices of women to be heard.

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