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Dog Race

Dog Race share new single "There's A Mouse In My House".

Bedford's Dog Race believe in the power of patience, having built a feverous word of mouth buzz locally and for a series of mysterious, often last-minute DIY shows across London.

Following last year's acclaimed debut 'Terror', produced by Jessica Winter, the rising alternative band return with their second single, 'There's A Mouse In My House'.

This ode to inner solitude was produced and mixed by the insightful Ali Chant (Dry Cleaning, Sorry, Portishead).

Singer Katie Healy had the following to say about the themes behind the single:

"‘There’s A Mouse In My House’ is about a period in my life fueled by intense paranoia due to my quick, often not thought-out, decision-making and the unknown of whether it will help or hinder my future."

'There's a Mouse in my House' is a haunting song, both in terms of its lyrics and musical composition. Its piercing, cyclical sound patterns recall the lurking, and often environmentally assimilated, existence of a foreign organism (such as a mouse), or perhaps the paranoid thoughts one can experience when feeling trapped within their mind.

Vocalist Katie's emotive and thirsty-for-hope voice, coupled with the penetrating Bauhaus-style synth and drums, creates a persistent tension that slowly builds throughout the song, leaving the listener with an overwhelming sense of catharsis by the end.

Live Dates

London - The Windmill - 7th April

Bedford - Ceremony Festival - 10th June


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