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York Duo Cowgirl release “ode to old time rock n roll” ‘Caroline’ via Safe Suburban Home on 22nd January.

Cowgirl kick off 2021 with another addition to their conveyor belt of future indie classics, with more sweet melodies cocooned in walls of guitar fuzz on ‘Caroline’ and b-side ‘Shut Up’.

The follow-up single to ‘Only Lasts A Moment’/’Hold Me’ (released as part of Safe Suburban Home’s Cassette Series last year). If the previous single was the reflective morning after, then ‘Caroline is the hard night out.

Recorded during the same sessions as ‘Only Lasts a Moment’ at Greenmount Studios, it is another testament to the songwriting synergy of Danny Trew Barton (vocals/ guitar) and Sam Coates (Vocals/ guitar), who crafted ‘Caroline’ as throw-away in the time it takes to play the song out. A short-sharp blast, it is simple and infectious like all the best pop but rammed up and distorted. The best garage rock given the Jesus and Mary Chain treatment laced with the punk-pop nouse of Exploding Hearts and Eels introspective lyricism.

All in all, ‘Caroline’ could be a lost power-pop classic by The Undertones or Buzzcocks that fully captures the frantic energy of

the band’s acclaimed live performances.

Barton, who took on vocals for these new tracks, explains the song,

“The songs a dumb ode to old time rock n roll and being in a moment of static with ambition, which definitely reflects the times.

Recorded all live straight to tape in a room with everything turne up to 11. A definite nod to’

Oh Carol’ by Chuck Berry, really trying to capture the live vibe.”

Something of this quality being a stop-gap until normal service can resume proves Cowgirl to be one of the obvious bands to keep an eye on in 2021. Always writing (with a vast catalogue of unreleased tunes) they are planning to record their next album as soon as they can get in a studio to do it justice, and also hope to release the work recorded with Euan Hinshelwood (Cate Le Bon/ Younghusband) in London at the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020.

Caroline’ is another indicator that Cowgirl have something special to offer, even when they are effortlessly churning out tunes.

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