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Share two new singles, "Pool of Wax" and "Come About" from new album ‘Kids Talk Sun’ out November 13th on Felte Records.

Lisbon-based Mexican/German duo Camila Fuchs have shared two new tracks from their forthcoming album ‘Kids Talk Sun,’ which will be released on November 13 via Felte Records.

Recorded with Spacemen 3/Sonic Boom’s Peter Kember in the misty, castle-peaked hills of Sintra, just outside Lisbon in Portugal, the duo’s third album sees their experimental electronic pop imbued with a youthful sense of light and wonder. Amidst nine tracks of off-kilter, vibrant atmospherics, they give an abstract meditation on childhood, the exchanges between humans, nature, and within nature itself.

Following the radiant first single "Sun" and the intoxicating psychedelia of "Moon's Mountain", now they show a moodier side to the record with the metallic crunching and echoes of "Pool of Wax" and the Silver Apples/kosmische-eqsue "Come About".

Camila Fuchs create experimental electronic pop with spectral vocals and avant-garde sensibilities. Currently based in Lisbon, the project was formed by Camila De Laborde (Mexico City) and Daniel Hermann-Collini (Munich) in London in 2012. The band released their debut album ‘Singing From Fixed Rungin 2016, followed by 2018's ‘Heart Pressed Between Stones’ on ATP Recordings. Met with international praise, Camila Fuchs has performed at numerous well-regarded festivals including Mutek Mexico, Primavera Sound and All Tomorrow's Parties Festival. They have also supported and shared the stage with Plaid, Actress, Aleksi Perälä, Starcrawler, Charles Hayward, William Basinski, Braids and The Orb.

On‘Kids Talk Sun’ they have managed to harness a transformational space of exploration and experimentation.  The album was recorded near the sea and wilderness just outside Lisbon, with the band shifting back and forth from the natural world to the studio. 

The result is an ecosystem of complex, ever-evolving sounds working together, with generosity given to the process itself; the biomimicry of plants, insects, the sun and moon, earth, seasons, and cycles gorgeously reimagined in sonic form. There is a sense of multiplicity, a reassurance on change deeply rooted in transformation, on things disintegrating, decomposing, and something new coming to ground us, arms open, and ready for hope.

'Kids Talk Sun' will be released on November 13th via Felte. Pre-order links can be found here


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