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BERRIES unveil new video “Wall Of Noise”, with new album expected this summer via Xtra Mile Recordings.

BERRIES tackle the never-ending cycle of mental health with new video: “Wall Of Noise”. Grappling with themes of insecurity and isolation, the gritty new track is accompanied by a video that sees the band confront a seemingly endless journey up an incalculable amount of stairs.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the video for the meticulous and frenetic single, BERRIES say:

“The “Wall of Noise” video represents the up-hill battle of mental health, the repetitive cycles and trying to escape the loud, nagging voices in your head. We chose stairs to represent this idea as we wanted something fairly mundane and common in most people’s everyday lives to reiterate how different people approach these obstacles — running straight at them, cautiously, following others, courageously or alone.”

Calculated and convulsive in equal measure, “Wall of Noise” has been receiving spins across the nation from numerous revered radio stations!

Chewing through twangy vocals, angular guitar lines and a guttural garage-grunge feel, BERRIES cultivate a craggy landscape of layered noise-rock that is evocative of the “noise” that so many of us constantly find pervading our own thoughts.


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