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Anna Klein

Anna Klein shares the dream pop tune and video "Lonely"

Anna Klein is a Toronto based singer-songwriter, producer, and performer. Since first writing music as an impressionable pre-teen, she has developed an ever evolving sense of musicality that has shaped her sound into what it is now. In recent years, Klein’s passion for both writing and production have amalgamated.

Thanks to her acoustic roots, she is best known for her consistently emotive performances. After discovering an interest in electronic music, Klein started putting more focus on the sound of the instruments in order to create that same emotion.

This concept led to her first full length album, These Days (2018), and is constantly influencing the way she produces her music today.

Anna’s new single "Lonely" is a punchy dream-pop track with an ambient sheen and moody vocals. 

I intended to keep it light with its groovy vibe, and tried stepping into someone else’s shoes.

Songwriting has a way of bringing out the pessimist in me.

"Lonely" is about wanting someone who most likely doesn’t want you back, but you’re stuck in denial.

I exaggerate those feelings of desperation and borderline obsession.

It started off as a rough demo recorded in the comfort of my bedroom, with final production from Matt Snell. I hope you have as much fun listening to this song as

I did creating it, regardless of what mood you’re initially in.

I have come to learn for myself what music truly means to me, and to have the opportunity to share my own music with others is something so wonderful!

Anna Klein - “Lonely” (Single)


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