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Andy Bell

Ride singer and guitarist Andy Bell shares the video to the euphoric Pye Corner Audio remix of new single 'Skywalker'.

Ride singer and guitarist Andy Bell's new single ‘Skywalker’ occupies the middle ground between 'Revolver'-era Beatles and Neu! and is one of the widescreen highlights of his debut solo album, 'The View From Halfway Down'. The comically sinister video for Pye Corner Audio's euphoric take on 'Skywalker' was made by Andy during lockdown at the end of 2020.

This is the second of Andy's collaborations with electronic musician Martin Jenkins during this solo project. There's also an acoustic version included as part of the 'Skywalker' release, rounding the single up to three tracks to be released digitally on 5th February through Sonic Cathedral.

"It is dedicated to my daughter, Leia, who was named after the Star Wars princess,” explains Andy of the song. “It’s about being a parent, watching your children grow up, reach adulthood, and live their lives, and feeling unbelievably proud of them. It’s for all my kids, but inspired by my eldest. Musically, I was channelling Michael Rother and Neu! and the Roland synth reminds me of World Of Twist.”

During the #TimsTwitterListeningParty for Andy’s album, just after its release in October, none other than Luke Skywalker himself, aka actor Mark Hamill, got involved in the discussion about this track. No surprise, as the Force is strong with this one…

'Skywalker' follows on from the low slung Beta Band-esque grooves of previous single 'Cherry Cola' and the soaring psych pop of first single ‘Love Comes In Waves’. Packed start to finish with heady, psychedelic songs, ‘The View From Halfway Down’ was released in October 2020 to fervent press praise from the likes of international media outlets.

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