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Always You

Share "Have It Your Way", with today's new album release Bloom Off The Rose. Out via Shelflife & Discos de Kirlian!

Brothers, Anton and Christoph Hochheim of the LA-based project, Always You – formerly known as Ablebody – share their new track titled "Have It Your Way". It marks another distinguished take on 80's new wave and indie while positioning itself as the final advance cut to be lifted from their album, Bloom Off The Rose which comes produced by Jerry Paper (aka Lucas Nathan) and released today on July 16 via Shelflife / Discos de Kirlian. The brothers were previously part of the New York synthpop group, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart with Anton also a member of Beach Fossils.

"Have It Your Way" finds the duo cutting bright synth lines with glittery guitars and swooning melodies, capturing an aesthetic and sound akin to Prefab Sprout, Aztec Camera, and the like. Staying true to their strong visual aesthetic, there's another accompanying video that arrives directed by Saoli Nash depicting a series of ritualistic scenes that evoke a seance as the brothers attempt to contact the "spirit" played by Simran Jehani.

"We wanted the video to be light-hearted and fun,"

explains Anton,

"while touching on the heavier subjects of nostalgia, memory, failed love and the scars it leaves on our conscious and subconscious minds."

Speaking about the new single, Christoph of the band says:

"The lyrics deal with guilt, shame and control, maybe of one's past (sexual and otherwise) that gets brought back to wreak havoc on a relationship, all through the guise of parental & religious shame. There are some flippant attitudes thrown around too of watching your partner fall into a bad pattern and bringing it to their attention but in a critical way."


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