Asheville synth-pop duo Posh Hammer share new single/video, "Everywhere Tonight".

The Asheville-based sibling synth-pop duo has also rolled out the song’s music video (YouTube) - composed of countless Instagram Stories culled from around the world, the video takes the

song title quite literally, sinking into the pulse-raising depths of Instagram while simultaneously transporting the listener to distant locales, looking in on people doing seemingly cooler things

than you, in seemingly cooler places.


The duo wanted to recreate the feel of sitting home at night on a weekend, getting lost in an Instagram Story wormhole, and wishing you were anywhere but home.

Building on their 2018 Dancing In Place EP which earned them the Van Gogh Award at the 2018 Amsterdam Film Festival, the pop surveyors continue to explore themes of alienation and isolation and dig further into the dark side of social media culture.


Releasing the EP with an accompanying short film that was directed by Posh Hammer’s own Navied Setayesh and soundtracked by the five songs from Dancing In Place, the band demonstrate admirable commitment to self-sufficiency; they also write, record, and

produce all their songs themselves. Pretty remarkable for barely being in their 20’s!


The film also snagged a selection slot and performance at the 2018

Richmond International Film Festival for the band’s wholly

inventive audio and visual pieces, which have been likened

to the work of the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni,

whose early 1960s trilogy (L’Avventura, La Notte and L’Eclisse)

similarly observed how the social scene was undergoing great

changes of its own… little did Antonioni know what the future




Posh Hammer - Everywhere Tonight

Posh Hammer - Everywhere Tonight

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