Toronto-based singer, multi-instrumentalist & producer, shares

“Work It Out” (feat. Mingjia).

Pleasure Craft is the musical endeavour of Toronto based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Sam Lewis. Originally from Saltspring Island B.C.

Lewis spent his adolescence training to become a pilot, but after a year living

alone in Malaysia at 18, he changed course and moved to Toronto to study

jazz trumpet.


Pleasure Craft’s sound is formed from a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments with Lewis’ dynamic vocal performances. Citing influence from The Talking Heads, Lana Del Rey,

Tears For Fears, Gorillaz, Feist and LCD Soundsystem. 

 In August 2017 Lewis released his debut single, Everybody Wants Some under the moniker Pleasure Craft and a year later released his follow-up, EP1. The alt-pop, 80s infused music recounts Lewis’ experience of moving to Toronto from rural B.C. and constructing a new

identity.  Since then Pleasure Craft has played dozens of shows with a seven piece live

band. He has released four singles and one EP. At 23, Lewis is in Toronto preparing to

release his next project, EP2.

About Work It Out, Pleasure Craft says: 

"“Work It Out” was written very quickly as an expression of anxiety which I associate with emotional suppression. I’ve always felt pressure

to avoid sincerity and vulnerability. I think a lot of people feel this, but everything gets expressed somehow – I’ve often used alcohol and other drugs to facilitate that. 


“Work It Out” is loud and cathartic. If I couldn’t create music like this,

I think it would eventually manifest in negative forms of aggression. 


When I finished the demo, I felt alright about the song. It had some cool sounds and the vocal was fun to perform, but I assumed I would get

tired of it and let it hang out on my harddrive forever. I sent it to

my friend Mingjia – an absolutely incredible composer and vocalist –

as an afterthought, but she liked it! One hour later, she sent me all

15 of her vocal stems.


Mingjia’s arrangement added so much energy and life to “Work It Out.” After recording and mixing the final version, it was pretty obvious that it had to be my latest single."



Pleasure Craft - Work It Out

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