Piek is back with one of the most eclectic, beautiful and complete albums in the electronic

music scene in 2017 and by the hand of  Sincopat with his new album Despertar.

Piek is finally releasing -on February 20th, 2017- his debut album on Sincopat.

An eclectic journey through his electronic music heritage (dub techno, future soul, hybrid beats, contemporary hip-hop).

The LP has a good handful of international collaborations: (Ryan Roush,

Cheney, Zebulon, Kash) from USA and UK, as well as Colombia (RIA) or Chile (Jim Hast).

It also has the spanish musician Fábel, Hokhok and the poetic rhyme of Tony Phillips talking about Baztan (where Piek currently lives).

The artist is considered as one of the most talented electronic musician in Spain (he’s from Pamplona, where Saint Fermín festival is held annually), he was not raised in a tradicional Spanish folklore though, he grew up listening to Sigur Ros, Moderat or Bonobo.

“That's me” is the first single from his highly anticipated debut album “Despertar”

The first single is littered with delicate beats and intelligent textures. An electronic

composition where Piek and Chilean vocalist Jim Hast work together to finally create human

magnetism in a magical way.

That’s Me” is like a walk in the jungle on LSD with heavy bass lines,

lush pads, distorted guitars and some smart lyrics by one the hottest writers in the

advertising business: Tony Phillips.

But let's start from the beginning, Intense Kiss is a quiet tune that plays the role of the shy unknown person who opens the door to a stranger. Tiny bells, deep bass, mysterious sounds

that attract us to get in, in crescendo the euphoria .

Meanwhile, looking in another direction, our attention focuses on a sweet voice advice,

"The Son With The Father's Gun" a great song in collaboration with Ria, Ryan Roush

& Cheney.

Special mention for "I Saw You" , a perfect symphony of nice quietness guided by the voice of Hokhok which participate also in the balad "Avalanche".

Jimmy Hast with a magnetic melody "That's me" (trippin') assembling the song with incredible percussions and restless electronic beats.

"Despertar", the song who gives the name to the Album, is an interstellar sweet tune,

as if he is playing from the clouds in which the producer reflects his musical inspiration. 

Piek , from above, flying and discovering more his musical universe leave and say goodbye for now with "Sous Les Étoiles" and the good feeling to have from the

beginning to the end, a smooth, melancholic, atmospheric, shinning and ethereal

experience, the perfect combination.

Exquisite album.

   B I Z Z A R R E 


01. Intense Kiss
02. The Son With The Father’s Gun (Feat. RIA, Ryan Roush & Cheney)
03. Breathe (Feat. Kash)
04. I Saw You (Feat. HokHok)
05. F.R.E.E. (Feat. Zebulon & Ryan Roush)
06. That’s Me (Trippin´) (Feat. Jim Hast)
07. Despertar (Feat. Fábel)
08. Avalanche (Feat. Hokhok)
09. Baztan (A Tony Phillips Poem)
10. Sous Les Étoiles

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