Lo-fi junk pop Parisian band released their second EP ‘Terrain Vague’

via-Dirty Melody Records

Pâle regard’s music isn’t happy. Pâle regard’s music isn’t sad. Pâle regard’s music is melancholic. The band distils its sound in a delicate mix of velvet lofi vibes, languid lyrics and a myriad of

synths giving them a unique sonic trademark.

The band just released their almost-anticipated 2nd EP ‘Terrain vague’ at the London Label

Dirty Melody Records.

Formed in Paris in 2018. Pâle regard released their first EP-concept ‘Fait Accompli’ at Dirty Melody Records. An EP-track composed of a long song divided into four fragments evolving with the same rhythm and being linked in a natural way.

In addition they released a single last year called 'Reflets', which plays with loneliness and moodiness.

The music of Pâle regard take the bias of slowness and a certain minimalism by the instruments used and the arrangements applied. Live, more rhythmic and sometimes psychedelic pieces complete the set and allow the band to let its passion speak.



pâle regard - Bus de nuit (animated video)

Desire – Tears From Heaven

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