Announces new 'We Share Our Blood Remixes' EP out May 31st via Ghostly International. Listen lead track "K-Yen Dreamin (mobilegirl Remix).

With We Share Our Blood Remixes, Ouri’s Ghostly International debut EP is deftly reconfigured by eight of her favorite producers. A borderless artist in vision and reach — hailing from South America by way of France, now based in Montreal — Ouri invited edits from all over,

connecting hues from a wide range of underground electronic spectrums.


The result is a rapid-fire series of stylistic and impressionistic flips from a global cortege drawing from Latin dance, Jersey club, hard techno, noise-punk, deconstructed baile funk and beyond.

Berlin-based Discwoman affiliate Bao-Tran Tran aka mobilegirl accelerates 

“K-Yen Dreamin,” adding brightness and bounce to the original’s haze.

Manchester heavyweight Biome brings a bass-heavy take to the EP title track. Nigeria-born, Vancouver-based artist Debby Friday gives “Hypersensis” a dissonant grit. Montreal’s

Marie-Hélène L. Delorme aka Foxtrott reimagines “Escape” with pop sheen, while

Brazilian producer Superfície reengineers the track as a technologized weapon. 


Down” is seen from three strikingly different angles. Newark, New Jersey’s DJ J Heat primes it for club use. German duo FJAAK add a woozy undertone and hammering kicks. Vancouver duo Minimal Violence pitch Ouri’s vocal harmonies over outbursts of industrial

rave-ready programming.


As a whole, the eclectic-yet-interconnected set befits an artist whose output shifts shape with ease and ambition.



OURI - We Share Our Blood Remixes

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