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Running”’s Americana and vivid lyricism are an introduction to the autobiographical journey of the songwriter Sam Swinson, through indoctrination and dependency; a endless confession about his past struggle against drug addiction and the continuing religious demons of his childhood in a fundamentalist Evangelical cult.  


Ohtis was originally formed during Swinson and Adam Pressley second year of high school in Normal, Illinois. They distributed themselves their first track on CD-R while they were still teenagers, mainly to a local public. Their collaboration defined Ohtis, accompanied by a group of local musicians during concerts, including Nate Hahn who finally became member of the band. 


Around 2009, the dependency of Swinson became a threat to his life. Pressley and Hahn then decided to distance themselves and the group broke up. They kept in touch while living in different regions of the country, exchanging ideas and songs online, but never planed to broadcast them because of their traumatic failure and Sam’s persistent dependency to heroin. 


Redemption came with sobriety for Swinson. After getting through the ninth step, he brought Ohtis back to life. No matter the 3000km separating him from Pressley and Hahn in Detroit and Chicago, and Swinson in Los Angeles. 


The first verse of ”Runnin” was written by Sam for Adam while he was in rehab in 2011. It announces the re-forming of the band and marks Sam’s reincarnation. 


Nate explains:

”'Runnin' was the main factor that called me back to the group. Swinson went through a living hell and when he came out, he found a supporting group that was always there waiting for him, Ohtis."




Ohtis – Runnin

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