Once again, Sonar brings you the best of the world music scene.

Along with International headliners, established and forthcoming talent, the festival is distinct

from others, the perfect scenario to witness an array of eclectic musical proposes. 


The 2016 program set to feature over 150 performances, solo artists and DJ's.

It will see shows from big classics like New Order and Fatboy Slim as well as Richie Hawtin whose fresh sounds, constantly evolving,

will be performing at Sonar his new album  "From My Mind To Yours”.

There are also young talents such as Flume, the Swedish Rapper Yung Lean or  the Berlin based producer David August. Let's not forget the live performances of

 Jamie Woon, the elegant and sexy music of the Canadians Bob Moses and a marathon set of seven Hours by Four Tet.


The Girls take over Sonar by storm and stronger than ever, where Santigold will present her new album “99¢” , the amazing voice of Kelela and her superb R&B,

the mystique and nomad sounds of Lafawndah, and the local talent AWWZ.

 Sonar has many other gems to discover, Howling being one of them, whose set is certainly not one to miss this year,

not to forget the dreamy sounds of Sobrenadar, and the Greek project Tendtz.

As usual the vast festival program at Sonar is divided in 2, Sonar by Day (Fira Montjuïc) will offer many activities with the

creative space Sonar+D,  the sunny Sonar Village, Sonar Dôme (the space for the new talents), Sonar Hall and Sonar Complex.

 Sonar by Night (Fira Gran Via L'Hospitaletwill await you with four different spaces Sonar Club, Sonar Lab, Sonar Car

and Sonar Pub.


With more than 150 performances in three days, Bizzarre has a selection of the 20 Artists You Need To See at Sonar 2016.

A grand combination of new talents, and the experienced with their recognize live acts

Needless to say, all of the artist this year, are a must-see. 


To see the full Line-Up here.



This Canadian duo based in New York, work deeply in the union of electronica with classic pop composition. Occupying the fertile ground between organic band land and an all-electronic production project, Bob Moses draw on the two poles to vividly resonate across both. A duo with an individual name, Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance’s musical endeavor plays with this kind of duality all over their impressive debut album, "Days Gone By", released on Domino in September 2015.



Raised in a remote town in Australia, Ry Cuming met Berlin-based Frank Wiedemann on Skype through a mutual friend. Ry had risen to underground-folk fame with his breakthrough hit ‘Berlin’ and band The Acid, while Wiedemann had sat as royalty in the 4/4 scene. 
After their ‘Howling’ track took off fortuitously, the pair met in Berlin for two shows, and two songs were made very quickly and intuitively in their two days of rehearsal.



 Music producer, Paula Soledad Garcia is doing whatever it takes to stay afloat as a musician in Buenos Aires. Besides making her incredible synth pop as Sobrenadar, she also composes music for short films and advertisements, and works as composer and assistant in recording studios.

By the hand of Red Bull Music Academy we will have the chance to see her in Sonar.



ANOHNI is made out of the lead singer from Antony and the Johnsons in collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke, the album HOPELESSNESS is set to an electronic dance soundtrack with soulful vocals and direct lyrics addressing surveillance, drone warfare, and ecocide.  The album seeks to disrupt assumptions about popular music by embedding vigorously political lyrics within dance/pop tracks.
Sónar will be the first staging of the show in Europe.



Awwz is the new project from Gemma PM.

New, intimistic electronic music from the Barcelona's producer who is hooking the attention of everyone in the city’s vibrant scene. The reason for this interest and acclaim is largely thanks to "Glid", a five track EP released on the new artistic platform Galaxxxy Sandwich.

Her music; dark and steamy flowing delightfully in a dense gravity. 



 Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho are Acid Arab. The basic idea behind the Parisian duo's project is to weld a loose network of Eastern influences—strings, percussion and Arabic melodies—to the framework of house and techno. In their own words, the project first started "as a concept, then a Facebook group, then a party, then (almost) a genre, then it was us."



Kelela is noted for her versatility and ability to adapt to contemporary mainstream electronica. In 2013 her debut "Cut 4 Me" took the world by storm and was featured on numerous best of year lists. Her latest EP is named "Hallucinogen".

With great reviews from artists like Björk, and from media across America and Europe, she also collaborated with Kindness, Obey City and Future Brown. Kelela motions with considerable ease between mutant soul, cutting edge beats and contemporary r&b.



North London trio Ivy Lab were brought together out of a shared enthusiasm for experimentations on the fringes of the Drum’n’Bass scene. Several years on from that initial coming together, the collective go from strength to strength; propagating a new generation of sub-genres housed within the framework of their ’20/20’ project.

Ivy Lab head into the horizon not only with an anchored presence at the heart of the drum and bass landscape, but also a secured reputation as pioneers helping to develop the destiny of a newly enfranchised movement.  




 Greek duo and Brothers Christos and Fotis Papadakis assembled the best in pop soul with electronica, as they described themselves: music that you can dance to, or not” when heard either on the dance floor, or at home. The work of Tendts are full of movement and energy with a catchy beat, dreamy melodies and a easeful atmosphere.

For lovers of Bonobo and Flying Lotus.



Boys Noize, will present the worldwide premiere of his new show at Sónar Barcelona. Ten years after his first steps towards the international stage, the german producer conceived a new live spectacle together with visual artists Sus Boy and Lil Internet, exploring a focused thematic narrative with visual and scenic elements inspired by cyberpunk, 80's industrial, surveillance in contemporary society and the light, dark and greys of the struggle between humans and technology.



Lafawndah began making music under this name recently , but has already made ​​music worldwide with a futuristic vision of electronic music , influenced by Nina Simone , Grace Jones, Missy Elliott , Kate Bush , and traditional singers from the  Middle East. With excellent productions and collaborations, she creates a distorted view of esoteric industrial rhythms, fused with an aggressive palette of nomadic sounds.



Harley Strean is the young music producer behind Flume and has been making music since

the age of 13. 

Australia’s most accomplished young producer FLUME marks an exciting new chapter for an artist who is committed to pushing himself and the boundaries of contemporary electronic music.

His new album SKIN will be release this Spring,

 the track "Never be like you" is number one worlwide already. We expect an exceptional live performance.



The French quartet makes and mixes home made electro with house to create their own energetic sound in plentiful supply on their roaring EP From The Basement To The Roof and latest collaborative single “Discipline.”

In the past, Club Cheval have remixed the likes of Boys Noize, Two Door Cinema Club and Vitalic, and Club Cheval member Canblaster is also an RBMA alumnus.



David August is very young and still in school pursuing a degree in a selective music program in Berlin. His music, in a very short time evolve and changed massively. 

Experimenting to find his true voice and style, he claims he barely recognizes himself in his earliest creations.

But one thing is true, while he is growing, his talent and music are doing the same. 



James Blake is on the verge of completing his third album, "Radio Silence”. Given Blake’s incredible talent and the dizzying heights achieved by his two previous albums, the release of his new work is highly anticipated the world over. Not forgetting of course, his new live show; an area in which the London musician feels especially at home, and where his stunning music becomes even more powerful.



With a well reviewed new album "Warlord" and with only 20 years, Yung Lean’s approach to the codes of hip-hop is characterized by his freedom and the lack of prejudice befitting an artist of his age and an outgoing personality with multiple influences.

The swedish rapper has been controversial for his 'slack' rapping style. His music and idea for his songs primarily focus on a "sad" or "emotional" atmosphere.



Talabot is now definitely in the major leagues, the catalan became an important pillar on the electronic international scene.

The dj and producer is back again at Sonar where he will have the honour of closing Friday night at the SónarPub stage, where he will play one of his never sets. He is currently working on his long-awaited second album.



With new sound and six years after “Pop Negro”

El Guincho comes with "HiperAsia" a name inspired by a Chinese Supermarket, where all kinds of products are mixed together as we can refer to his music for this album; broken beats, oblique sounds and sophisticated melodies mixed with his own voice, modulated in a thousand different ways.

For the show in Sonar; three musicians, two samplers, a synthetizer, processed guitars and synth bass will accompany the producer from the Canary Islands onstage.



Red Axes is a project created by Tel-Aviv based producers and DJs Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi.
The duo has been performing together for a long time, firstly as members of the new wave / post punk band Red Cotton. 
After living in Amsterdam and traveling around Europe, the guys returned to Tel-Aviv and began an underground psychedelic electronic party series called "Break It!" which brought refreshing energy into the Tel Aviv scene.



Now comes Grant’s third album, the invitingly titled Grey Tickles, Black Pressure, a veritable tour de force that further refines and entwines his two principal strands of musical DNA, the sumptuous tempered ballad and the taut, fizzing electronic pop song. There are newer musical accomplishments across its panoply of towering sound, like the title track’s new steely demeanour.

Sonar 2016   16.17.18 June   Barcelona Spain

Tickets, Full Line Up and more info here.

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