Minimal-pop songstress Novaa unveils new track HMLTM part of her haunting self-titled debut album due 26th April.

Rising Berlin based singer/producer Novaa is poised to release her eagerly anticipated debut album. An evocative journey hand-in-hand with faithful instrumentation, accompanied by a seductive and seemingly effortless fragility, her self-titled debut long player marks a new

chapter and makes for an impressive introduction to a wonderful new artist's very own


Orchestral, electronic, organic and hyperreal. Welcome to Novaa’s world where darkness falls into light and light seeps into darkness and nothing is what it seems. The singer, songwriter and producer worked on her début long player for over a year, developing her unique sound

blending contemporary electronic music with orchestral grandeur.

Novaa says:


"These songs became my home. They helped me grow as an artist and as a person. I would describe my music as ‘Organic Electronic’. I started experimenting with music on my guitar or a piano, but stumbled upon Ableton a few years ago and fell in love with its endless possibilities.

I don’t want to explain too much about the songs, I don’t see them as

'my' songs. They belong to anyone who hears them. I want them

to be the fertile ground for the listener’s personal growth".

While definitely a product of contemporary electronic music production, the songs also radiate warmth that’s very much human and full of love. Which is also reflected in Novaa’s writing.

Drawing from her own life, music is a way to synthesise her experiences. And it is this loving disorientation with which she writes about life, love, and everything in between. Opening

with the dark and moody Club Paradise, the album ends on a high-note with Egomania,

taking the listener along a slowly unfolding, colourful exploration of humanity.

Songs such as Madhouse, Home, or Almond Eyes clearly tell a story inspired by the young woman’s own life – from mental health experiences, personal growth to the challenge of

being a woman in this world – they retain a certain opacity encouraging the listener to

make their own sense of the lyrics, music and the intense emotions so dominant

on this record.

But Novaa is not only a labour of love, it’s also a celebration of friendship: writing and producing a first version of all tracks alone in her bedroom, Novaa gradually opened up and let friends into

her world, working alongside her to take the music to the next level. This allowed her the

unique feature of combining her electronic base with strings and brass players, which

were all recorded live.

Working with friends and creating a colourful panoply of emotions is nothing new for the 22-year old newcomer: music is her second nature and she has already won over critic’s hearts with her collaborations with electronic producer Moglii. On this debut album, Novaa is now going her

very own way. Fully a child of the post-internet world, Novaa and her art can’t be tied down

to a place, a genre, a box. Warm acoustics meet the artificial hyperreality of contemporary electronic pop music - the possibilities are endless. 



Novaa - HMLTM


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