Japan’s noid announce new single "paradiselost" in partnership with &Records + Trapped Animal Records.

Surrealist rockers, noid formed in Kanazawa, Japan at the back-end of the noughties.  Their first album the space-elephant arrives at the moon was released in April 2009.  Album single wood world climbed to number three on the college weekly chart, landing them a festival slot at

Japan’s Summer Sonic.  


The band organise their own shows called Magical Colors Night.  They have shared the bill with the likes of USA bands of Montreal, Mineral, Plus/Minus, My Hawaii, TOPS, Painted Palms and many more. 


Noid released their second album in 2013, followed by a split 7” with Kyoto-based band my letter in 2015.  In 2016, they welcomed Boro Festa organizer You-can into their ever-expanding

line-up, which includes a xylophone player.  In 2017, third album HUBBLE was released

on &Records.

The band are known for their thoughtful lyrics, set against raw guitar and intricate drumming.  

Like a mashup between The Smashing Pumpkins and Sigur Rós-style vocals, they blend

ambient sounds with rock guitar to create a sounds that are almost completely their own.  


Of the track, paradiselost, the band explain the meaning behind as “…when oneself must choose it [life], it is sometimes chosen by another person. There are thereby a thing to get, a thing losing it. We repeat it. I expressed the description of the heart by the noise of the radio, the blinking of the signal, the snow

which covered exhaustively.”  


Deliciously obscure, noid are your new cult favourites..



noid - paradiselost

NOID - Paradiselost

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