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Feb 7th via City Slang

With their new album, Nada SurfMatthew Caws, Daniel Lorca, Ira Elliot, and their longtime friend and collaborator Louie Lino—continue pursuing their humanistic vision of the world through hooky, catchy rock songs with sharply drawn, yet tenderly felt lyrics. Never Not Together, out on Feb 7th is a wide-ranging collection of songs that revel in the group's ability to evoke

and reflect grand and intricately wrought emotions, whether through sweeping guitar solos or hushed-whisper vocals.  

The concept of "holy math" which informs that line—and the album's title—was inspired by

a Justin Vernon appearance on the Song Exploder podcast, where the Bon Iver leader talked about the interconnectedness of humans. "We're all together, and that's just the way it is, and the way it always will be," says Caws"That's the sacred truth of it." 

That idea of being linked and searching for connection is a common theme of the album's lyrics, which depict people hunting down answers by peering within and reaching outward. "Looking For You," which opens with a spectral choir and blossoms into a rock spectacle with crashing strings and two guitar solos—one played by Caws, the other by frequent Nada Surf collaborator Doug Gillard—seeks solace in doctor's visits and grand metaphors. "So Much Love," which Caws wrote as part of Hits president Karen Glauber's annual SXSW session, is a driving, yet kind-hearted reminder that love and connection are in the air—even if, in the immediate, it's lurking in the mists of one's sent-messages mailbox. "Mathilda," meanwhile, shifts time signatures as it switches perspectives on a childhood spent apart from the crowd, mulling over what "masculinity" meant even at a young age.  

In 2017, Nada Surf celebrated the 15th anniversary of their 2002 breakthrough Let Go,

an experience that energized the early planning of Never Not Together"I made pretty elaborate demos for the songs—something I've never done before," 

says Caws"I think [the Let Gotour] really boosted my work ethic and

made me feel like I really had to go for it." 

That openness to listening—to their fans, to each other, to the world—has helped inform Nada Surf's legacy as down-to-earth rock stars—musicians who can command festival stages around

the world while connecting to audience members on a personal level, conscious of the shared humanity every step of the way.  



25.02. UK Cambridge - Junction 22
26.02. FR Lille - Le Splendid
27.02. DE Cologne - Live Music Hall
28.02. FR Strasbourg - La Laiterie
29.02. FR Rennes - MeM
02.03. FR Lyon - Le Transbordeur
03.03. FR Toulouse - Le Bikini
04.03. ES Valencia - Sala Moon
05.03. ES Murcia - Sala REM
06.03. ES Madrid - La Riviera
07.03. ES San Sebastian - Intxaurondo
08.03. ES Bilbao - Antxokia
09.03. FR Bordeaux - Le Karakatoa
11.03. FR Paris - La Cigale
12.03. UK London - Electric Ballroom
13.03. UK Manchester - Academy 3
14.03. IRL Dublin - Button Factory
15.03. UK Glasgow - St-Lukes
01.04. NL Amsterdam - Paradiso
02.04. BE Brussels - Orangerie Botanique
03.04. DE Hannover - Swiss Life Hall*
04.04. DE Leipzig- Haus Auensee*
05.04. AT Vienna - Arena
06.04. DE Stuttgart - Wizemann
07.04. IT Milan - Santeria Toscana
08.04. CH Zurich - Dynamo
09.04. DE Munich - Muffathalle
10.04. DE Berlin - Columbia Halle*
11.04. DE Berlin - Metropol
12.04. DE Hamburg - Fabrik
14.04. SE Stockholm - Nalen
15.04. NO Oslo - John Dee
16.04. DK Copenhagen - Vega
17.04. DE Bremen - Pier 2*
18.04. DE Dortmund - Warsteiner MH*
* (Special guests Madsen)



NADA SURF - "Something I Should Do"

Nada Surf - Never Not Together

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