Shares new single "Shade" released November 9th

MONOGEM is the moniker under which singer and songwriter Jen Hirsh uses to create sleek, glittering melodies suffused with the sweet aftertaste of soul. In the cosmos, a monogem ring is a supernova remnant, the leftover glow from an exploded star. One of the largest monogem rings in the universe is located near the Gemini and Cancer constellations. Born in late June, Jen is on the cusp of Gemini-Cancer, and thus, MONOGEM rang true and stuck.


MONOGEM blends her own new wave of sultry with ethereal alt-pop. In 2017 she dropped her highly anticipated sophomore EP 100%, as well as a Remix EP. Her 2017 music video for Wild, starring Coco Arquette (daughter of Courteney Cox & David Arquette), premiered on LADYGUNN and has been featured internationally by Good Morning America, E!, Daily Mail UK, Alternative Press, NYLON, Perez Hilton and more. Last year, MONOGEM built considerable buzz around Los Angeles through shows at Soho House Hollywood & Malibu, a sold out EP release show at the Bootleg Theater plus a genre-bending event with Red Bull Sound Select at The Echo with LPX. She closed out the year with a bang at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever with UK artist Nilufer Yanya.

Following her first national tour with ANIMA! this past summer, MONOGEM is set to release her next single Shade on November 9th. Shade continues MONOGEM’s signature sound of flirtatious and exhilarating pop. The dramatic pizzicato plucks in Shade’s intro play a pivotal role in the song’s majestic production, laying the foundation for a sonic journey through seduction and lust. The spotlight is on MONOGEM’s mesmeric vocals, which powerfully soar above Shade’s atmospheric, downtempo production. It’s clearer than ever that there is no shade in MONOGEM’s future and only a galaxy of radiant success.


Speaking on the motivation behind Shade, MONOGEM explains:


"I wrote “Shade” on a day when I felt particularly bleak and dreary.  Dark thoughts ran through my head about anything and everything: my artistry, my life, my body, my family, I was having one of those moments where nothing was right.  As an artist, those days are more frequent than I’d like to admit.  As a woman, I’ve felt pressure to cover up this little dark corner, put my face on and show up for the party.  “Shade” is a personal anthem that reminds me to stop hiding my truths, even if they aren’t pretty." 



Monogem – Shade

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