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Danish electronic pop duo Mono monoKaroline Elsig and Jakob Franck have developed a distinct sound which simultaneously offers deep ambient tones, melodic saxophone notes complimented with smooth high range vocals.
The upcoming video release for their single “You”, taken from their debut EP “Natural” has been described as “a sensual collection of five songs, captivating with their on-point beats, soothing vocals, and seductive saxophone. An absolutely hypnotic audio experience!”

- Nordic by Nature
The duo explore the dark side of the human mind within “You”, delving into both experiences but particularly emotions such as fear, loneliness and parting - topics which are often considered to be taboo. An overall, sonically engaging track which perfectly portrays the duo’s distinct style: glitchy beat- patterns, harmonic tones layered with high vocals.

The lyrics are beautifully performed and complemented by the aesthetic of the accompanying video which was designed in collaboration with the creative film community 73 collective.
The video for “you” resulted in a visually engaging production, shot in Croatia, which artistically captures the visual identity expressed by mono mono - two contrasting universes to portray a sense of loneliness and disconnect, using skype imagery and optimism through close
range body footage.

“we decided to approach the video by combining the softness of the skin with dramatic light and the brightness of the band, shot in high
resolution on a low resolution screen, and felt like this created an interesting contrast between the soft and the harsh.”
- 73 Collective

In anticipation of their single and video release, the duo have organised an intimate launch party providing their fan base with an alternative experience by incorporating the audience into their live performance. Held within Copenhagen’s VIU eyewear store, the event will

include close-range images of participants nude body parts, similarly to the music video, projected throughout the space.

Here, mono mono encourage their audience to strive for body positivity whilst outlining the vulnerability of raw human emotion and encouraging authenticity between them and their

core fan base.



mono mono - You 

Taken from their debut EP "natural"

mono mono - Natural EP

Back To Future Sounds

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