mono mono

mono mono introduces a new collaboration and reinterpret two tracks from 

their Debut EP

The atmospheric pop duo is releasing two remixes of the songs ”you” and ”feel”.
The two tracks were originally released in 2018, as part of the duo’s debut EP “natural”.
The songs, which with a melancholy atmosphere, revolve around the topic of  
”loneliness”,       are now set in a completely different context, with a more raw and club appropriated sound that can be heard on Frederik Meyer’s new remixes.

“We thought it was interesting to leave the songs to a producer like Frederik Meyer, who could put some more power into the tracks that now stand in great contrast to the original.

A contrast that fits quite well with the universe we are working on in our new productions, which becomes more up-tempo and abrupt than what

we have done in the past. ”- mono mono

mono mono has a musical curiosity and after the release of the debut EP ”natural”, the duo has spent time exploring their musical universe. With renewed energy and inspiration,
it can be expected to hear much more new music from mono mono during 2020,

Frederik Meyer will also be acting as co-producer on some of the forthcoming tracks.

Here is the amazing duo, Karoline & Jakob to explain more about this new material:

Bizzarre: How is your life after your 2018 debut EP Natural?
Karoline & Jakob: We have always been very curious to explore our sound and see if we can take it in new directions.
So when we finished Natural we spent a lot of time experimenting with new tracks. 

With our new music we have tried to create a more organic and acoustic sound. And it has taken a long time to find the right path for our upcoming music. But now we feel like we're heading in the right direction.


B: Are you excited to be back and bring to life new music?
K&J: Yes! Releasing new music is always exciting. It’s new for us to release other people's remixes of our music. And it has been really exciting to pass it on to Frederik and see which direction he could take it to.


B: What can you tell us about this amazing new collaboration with Frederik Meyer? How was it working with him?...

K&J: We have known Frederik for a long time and always admired his music. But we've never done anything together before. So it was really interesting to leave our tracks to him and hear what he could get out of them.

We still occasionally send new demos to Frederik, and let him twist them as he wants, to see if it can provide some exciting inputs to the composition that we wouldn’t be able to come up with ourselves.


B: Where did you find inspiration all this time you were disconnected, did Meyer opened new creative worlds for both of you?
K&J: We have found a lot of inspiration in giving ourselves no restrictions and trying not to think our music into a specific context, as we had to do with the EP Natural. Right now there's a lot of room for experimentation. Hearing our music in a completely new context has also opened up to a new source of inspiration. So yes, Frederik has definitely opened a new creative world for us.


-B: We noticed with this two new tracks, a significative powerful sound, is that the line you want to reach or you want to keep a balance?

K&J: The remixes and our original music are two very different things. So the sound of the remixes is not the direction we are trying to reach with our new music. But our new music will include some elements from the remixes, as it’s going to be more up-tempo and abrupt than what we have done before. So the remixes might act as a link between our previous EP and the one we are currently working on. 


B: What are you listening to nowadays, what can you recommend us to discover?

K&J: We have always been fascinated and listen a lot to: Tirzah, Kelela, FKA Twigs, BEA 1991, Sevdaliza, When Saints go Machine, Smerz, Björk and Oneohtrix Point Never. 


But we also really enjoy to explore new music. Some of our newest discoveries is: Scandinavian Star, 070 Shake, Yangze and Kedr Livanskiy 


We would also like to point out our friends from the project called “Hi Ena” They have just released a very beautiful album called “Speech”.


B: How do you see after this time as an artist, the music industry, in your country and in the world? how is changing?
K&J: I think, when we started out making music some years ago, the Danish music scene could be a bit one-sided sometimes. We felt that it was difficult to get attention as musicians playing alternative music. Nowadays we see a lot more diversity of music-genres in the Danish media.
We are also really pleased that there is an increased focus right now on trying and equating women in the music industry with men. There is still a long way to go, but it is positive that the focus has been 



B: With who / whom mono mono would love to collaborate with in the future?
K&J: We are actually quite open to collaborate in general. Where we used to do almost everything ourselves, but since the release of our Debut EP, we have found great inspiration in working together with other musicians. We would love to collaborate with someone who makes something completely different from what we do. Maybe a classic artist or a heavy band?


B: What can we expect from this awaited new material?

K&J: We will leave that as a surprise for you. But you can probably expect some music in a slightly different direction than what we have done before. A good mix between the more atmospheric passages, that our previous music was built up around, and some more up-tempo.

mono mono’s musical universe is alluring, atmospheric and sensitive minimalism-pop.
The duo, consisting of Karoline Elsig and Jakob Franck, have with their trip-hop inspired music
and sensitive songwriting quickly gained national and international recognition.
With their debut EP ”natural” from 2018, they have received several nominations, as one of
the most exciting Nordic acts of the year.



mono mono – you / feel remixes


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