Methyl Ethel are from Perth, Australia and consists of Jake Webb who was joined by Thom Stewart on Bass, and Chris Wright on drums at the end of 2014.

Webb began creating music in his bedroom in 2013 which has developed

into the band’s eerie and captivating sounds of the Art Rock and Dream Pop style.

The captivating name of Methyl Ethel comes from Webb’s Fathers occupation where he was involved in creating fibre glass which is made from methyl ethyl ketone peroxide.

“When I was making music alone, before I had the band, it was genderless and without a paper trail of information about

my past.”

Methyl Ethel begun by releasing two EPs in 2014, Teeth and the later Guts.

Furthermore, single Rogues won Pop song for 2014 and Twilight Driving in 2015 at the Western Australia Music Awards. Both these singles were a part of the album Oh Inhuman Spectacle which Methyl Ethel self recorded — Oh Inhuman Spectacle was released in 2016 and consists of 12 songs. Met with an extraordinary response the mystical album’s atmospheric consistency creates an illuminative journey.

Following, Methyl Ethel released Everything Is Forgotten in March 2017 through 4AD. Everything Is Forgotten has a hard sound to define; Webb

has begun to explore a more synthesised sound alongside other adventurous synth/dance alumni such as LCD Soundsystem.

Written and recorded by Jake Webb, it was brought to life by acclaimed British producer James Ford (KlaxonsFoals, Arctic Monkeys,). The pair’s collaboration has infused Methyl Ethel’s shoegaze dream-pop palate with electronic and polyrhythmic flourishes.

“Everything Is Forgotten sounds that way for the sake of the song, I don’t want to make the sound fit the band,” says Webb


“For me, the studio is the best instrument to be able to play.

I like to think we’re just the cover band for the artist that makes the album.”

With a distinctly alternate sound on stage in comparison to the studio,

Methyl Ethel will be engaging with a keyboard player in order to keep up

with the adapting sound of Everything Is Forgotten. We massively look forwards to getting the opportunity to experience the new performance.

We are happy to have the opportunity to introduce Jake Webb, the soul of Methyl Ethel, to explain a little more behind the band’s sound, lives and work.

B: What makes you feel happy and satisfied today?

Jake: Making new music and eating Vegemite and avocado on toast.

B: When was the last time you did something and do not remember anything about what happened?

J: For Thom, that was the other night in Berlin.

B: Something that you would like to see disappear from the face of this earth?

J: Social networking and personalities as heads of government.

B: A song that you can´t get out of your head…

J: Some Velvet Morning.


B: Where do you find mainly the inspiration to write your songs and create your music?

J: European cinema and whisky.

B: Your life since Oh Inhuman Spectacle?

J: Touring and writing music.

B: What have you learned by working together as a band?

J: How to lift with the legs. Also efficient build techniques.

B: Your new album Everything Is Forgotten is produced by the acclaimed British producer James Ford; What do you think is the most valuable factor that he gives to your sound in this new album?

J: The Eraserhead factor sizzles all through the album. It's woven in near imperceptible ways like a tapestry of the finest threads.

B: No.28 was the first song to be released after a long time, how do you feel to play new songs now that you are on tour?

J: It´s great, the fingers and thighs are being worked out in a whole new variety of ways.

B: The Video for Ubu is very artistic, very abstract, what was the main idea and how was it to work in this video with the Director Yvette Paxinos (PAXI)? 

J: It was great working with PAXI. The concept was loosely based on a 1960´s filmed production of the play "Ubu Roi".


B: Is this Methyl Ethel time?

J: I could ask you the same question Mr. Wolf.

B: Describe Everything Is Forgotten with 3 things that inspired you to create the album…

J: Violet Street, Marron Rise and Alma Road.

Methyl Ethel - Ubu

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