Watch the new video "Canopy" taken from her debut little album out on 17th May 2019. In concert at Saint-Eustache Church Paris on May 28.

Merryn Jeann unveils today the video of "Canopy", taken from his little eponymous album, which will be released on May 17.


"Canopy" is an ode to each other's love, an intimate and delicate whisper in which Merryn Jeann indulges without artifice. In echo, her emotions flourish through memories tinged with a vaporous melancholy.

Merryn Jeann is a singer-songwriter with the lyrical powers of a poet with remarkable precision and sensitivity. At times sweet, like the words tenderly whispered by a lover in the hollow of his

ear, at other times cinematographic, Merryn Jeann's music is at once fragile, deeply visual

and painfully honest.

Through this little album, she delivers a piece of herself:


"When there is this music - I don't need to say anything, or talk. Not because the music speaks for itself, but because the music merges with me. It's my way of being honest with you. "


Recorded at the Muse agency studio in Byron Bay, Australia, surrounded by Gyan Evans and her husband, Simon Greaves, she shapes a world that resembles her, superb in its imperfections. What Simon calls "Disney punk", halfway between raw recordings and soaring violins.

Inspired by slices of life, her songs speak for themselves and their relationship to the world. If "Am I Plastic?" deals with her inner struggle in opposition to the social facade she presents to others, it is with gentleness and recognition that even difficult moments deserve to be fully felt.


"Dragons" evokes the sensations of a psychedelic trip, in memory of an evening spent at the home of an insomniac friend "who had covered his walls with dragons painted in fluorescent paint on her return from a festival" while she "wrote Canopy imagining cocooning herself and hiding in a bed made of exotic trees covered in dew, while dreaming of more equality and empathy. Life

is a bitch for everyone, and we all suffer, without exception, so I would

just like humans to love each other and love the world a little more. »

A personal opus, therefore, but also cinematographic. Minimalist instrumentations give pride of place to mental images. "See Saw" represents for Merryn Jeann "this naked boy,

running through the fields - as in Scotland for example - with these

huge cliffs, all this green and the ocean, and then the delicate breeze. "


This little album represents the soundtrack of his emotions, his doubts and convictions, and the fact of accepting to be himself, in all his contradictions.



Merryn Jeann - Canopy

Merryn Jeann - Merryn Jeann

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