Torontonian singer-songwriter Merival shares New Song: "I With Mine".

Merival is Torontonian singer-songwriter Anna Horvath, drawing inspiration from tension and gathering from the romantic and familial with practiced vulnerability. She gained recognition

in 2016 with the critically acclaimed EP Lovers and will release her debut full-length in

summer 2019.


Her songs carry questions, exploration, and an expectation of philosophical growth. Full of folk lyricism, experimental instrumentation, and a sweeping dynamic range, she strives to make

sense of the key arresting moments of life.

“I With Mine” is the sonic representation of a dream-like state.


"I walked around in this space for a period of time, fuzzy-headed, mind racing with fantasies that felt both painful and exciting. For months on

end, I had weekly intense dreams about someone I had dated 6-7 years prior, someone who played a very formative role in my life. It began to

feel like a funny loop I had created for myself – this magnetism to

somebody who had hurt me very badly but who had nothing to do

with my current life. I feared I might have to deal with these thoughts

for years to come. I felt powerless. If that person had called me up and asked to see me during that period, I don’t think I would have been able

to say no."


“I With Mine” is her latest single from Lesson, her debut full-length, set for release on June 21st.



Merival - I With Mine 

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